Return To Traditional Promotional Methods with Printed Business Cards

All of the traditional paper prints are known to be in rapid decline. Physical book sales have been diving in recent years in favour of the e-book. Newspapers and magazines now have online editions which can be viewed without subscription and at any time of the day or night. Even the ubiquitous telephone directory, which could once be found in every home, has been discarded as a result of the ease and speed of digital directories. But one form of printed paper has thrived throughout this descent; the traditional business card. First used hundreds of years ago and still proving incredibly popular in the digital age, the business card is still as relevant as ever and remains a primary method of exchanging contact details with colleagues and clients. There have been many attempts to replicate the business card in a digital way, with smartphone apps which allow contact exchanges with just a simple gesture, or websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, which create entire networks of contacts simply and easily. But none of them have replaced the personal and immediate effect of a simple square of card.

The digital revolution that has overcome the world in the past two decades has seen a multitude of technologies engulf all industries. Entire organisations can now be founded and run entirely online, with emails replacing letters and faxes, and Skype sessions replacing telephone calls. Paper is all but irrelevant in many offices across the country, which is having an interesting effect on those wishing to make an impact and stand out from the crowd. The digital market has meant that almost everything is presented in an electronic format, so handing out traditional business cards, offering contacts a tangible representation of themselves and their brand makes them appear more approachable and more aware of the power of face-to-face interaction. As more and more of our personal and working lives are conducted through digital means, the business card has gained increasing importance and a new relevancy; they are not necessarily anything new but it is becoming a less regular occurrence to receive a business card. Businesses are making a return to such traditional printed marketing materials to ensure that they stand out and to demonstrate that despite the digital age we live in, their values are still very much people-oriented.

Printed business cards are not a new form of introduction, but this doesn’t meant that they have to be relics of a bygone era. New technology can combine the personal element of a physical business card with the best of the digital age in order to create an exciting new card which has the best of the old and the new. Including a QR code which can be scanned by smartphones to reveal a video, a special offer or simply a link to a more thorough website is a great way to add a contemporary edge to a traditional business card. There are even business cards on the market which incorporate a small screen which displays a video and can be activated when handed over; battery life tends to be around an hour or so, and the personal connection is not lost in the face of the new technology.

When surrounded by technology, sometimes people long for something a little more low-maintenance. Just as those who spend their days in an office might enjoy a long walk or a bike ride at the weekend, those who are constantly inundated with emails and digital messages might find it refreshing to be given a business card. More than simply words on a screen, the business card tells a story, opens doors and creates a much stronger impression than could ever be achieved digitally, which is one of the primary reasons why so many businesses are choosing to stick with these more traditional methods of exchanging contact details.

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