Righteous P Releases Next Afro-beats Club Banger

The UK Afro-beats scene is set to soar to new heights today as acclaimed African artist Righteous P releases his new single, Give Am (Sisi Mu Den). Righteous P has been making waves in the afro-pop community since 2012 and his new single, available on iTunes and Amazon Music is set to establish his name even further.

Born in Ghana, Justice K K Daniels aka Righteous P moved to London as a teen and took a keen interest in music. He studied sound engineering at college and has since been heavily involved in rapping, writing and producing for a range of different music styles. The brand new single puts a whole new twist on the Afro-beats genre thanks to the collaboration with different producers and friends.

Righteous P said, “Although the song is mainly afro-beats, it has a deep drop to it using the unusual 808 drum kit, infused with some rock instruments and percussion piercing through to give it a different twist. This track is a club banger especially when the bass drops and it takes the excitement to the next level – I can’t wait to see the reaction when it first gets played.

“The instrumentation was initially created by a friend of mine, Heavy K at HT Records and Danny Manu, also a friend at XWave productions - known for their good selection in sound. I featured Skob Original due to the versatility of his style and the twist he brings whenever he is on a record which he definitely delivered on Give Am (Sisi Mu Den).”

The idea for the track first came to Righteous P when he was having a light hearted group discussion about what sexual partners need to have to keep them satisfied in the bedroom. The lyrics are delivered in riddles, which can be interpreted as innuendos or simply a mysterious party song made to get people on the dancefloor. 

The Afro-pop genre is gaining traction in the UK, brought to the mainstream by the likes of D’Banj and Fuse ODG who has had a multitude of hit singles in the charts. The funky dance sounds originating from Ghana and Nigeria are injecting a new life into the new UK Urban music scene. Righteous P, along with a host of other African musicians are paving the way for the next big thing in the clubbing community.

Give Am (Sisi Mu Den) is Righteous P’s second single and the musician is expecting it to be his most popular to date. Released in time for NYE and New Year’s Day, the track is set to get the party started in clubs nationwide on the biggest clubbing nights of the year.

For more information about Righteous P and his new single, visit: Www.righteousp.com 

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To download Give Am (Sisi Mu Den) from Amazon visit: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Give-Am-Sisi-Mu-Den/dp/B00RKML03M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1419942404&sr=8-1&keywords=give+am%28sisi

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About Righteous P: A musician, rapper & sound engineer and an actor (The Bill - UK police drama, Side Winders - Series on Klear T.V) who loves everything that he does. He mainly raps, produces beats and writes a lot of music for himself as well as other musicians. His writing skill is a natural gift and he writes for the genres of Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Afro-Pop.Righteous P’s new single Give Am (Sisi Mu Den) is available to download now.