Rise in Heathrow Passenger Traffic to Affect Onsite Parking

Heathrow airport has announced a rise in passenger traffic for the month of March, with the main cause of the rise being attributed to the growth on routes to the Far East. This leap in passenger numbers is having an effect on the way everything operates at Heathrow, from the security checks to the Heathrow airport parking. Value Individual Parking offers a quality, value for money meet and greet service at Heathrow which mean that passengers for the Far East can leave their vehicle off-site in safe hands.

The exact figures show that passenger numbers to China are estimated to have risen by 15.1% year-on-year, contributing to the 3.9% overall rise in passenger traffic through the airport that was reported. Other destinations such as India have seen strong growth in recent months after a rough few months for the airport which saw closures due to adverse weather. The so-called ‘silk trail’ of the Far East is becoming an ever more popular destination, not only for domestic clients who want to holiday in some of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, but also for business travellers who are contributing to the massive growth in both China and India.

These increasing passenger numbers are bound to have an effect on many of the facilities at Heathrow; terminals will be busier, queues for security and passport control will be longer, and the official Heathrow parking facilities will be put under a lot of strain. Value Individual Parking boasts a number of different services to cater for tourists and business clients alike; their meet and greet parking service offers a winning combination of value and quality ensuring prompt parking and swift retrieval upon the client’s return. A chauffeur service is also available, where clients can be driven directly to the terminal of their choice without having to get on shuttle buses or navigate long-stay car parks.

With passenger numbers rising through these Far Eastern routes, more flights always being added and Heathrow expansion work an ongoing thing, issues such as having to pre-book Heathrow parking will be more important than ever in having an easy check-in and general airport experience. All existing terminals are undergoing continuing maintenance works in order to constantly improve their efficiency, which will always result in higher levels of passengers and more people to compete with for parking space. Value Individual Parking offers travellers a way to securely store their vehicle away from the hustle and bustle of the costly on-site car parks, at low prices and with convenient pick-up and drop-off services for all.

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