RMR Recruitment provides committed locums as NHS lifts ‘target-driven’ approach

As the NHS spending continues to spiral, latest plans to gain back control over budgets involve lowering the threshold of the targets set in the current patient-care scheme. Although this means that less fines will occur, many worry that standards of healthcare will slip as a result with lower objectives to achieve. Leading locum recruitment agency, RMR Recruitment continues to supply committed and hardworking doctors and nurses throughout this time to keep care standards high.

Although the financial pressures faced by the NHS have always been known, the recent Department of Health annual report showed insight into the extent of the troubles and it was revealed that an amber light warning had been issued from the spending watchdog. To combat this hospitals are to be placed under a ‘special measures’ regime, with each trust under obligation to stick to the agreed budgets that have been set for them. Amongst the reviewed relaxation of the current incentive driven scheme, missed targets in areas such as cancer and elective procedures will no longer impose a fine, leading to growing concern over the standards of treatment that patients are given 

RMR Recruitment Operations Director, Nicholas Cavanagh said, “Although taking a completely new approach to controlling the NHS spending is a positive step, it is understandably causing concerns amongst the public with many worrying that these measures were set at the sacrifice of the care that patients will receive.”

Cavanagh continued, “At RMR Recruitment we pride ourselves on the unique recruitment experience that we offer, resulting in us proudly representing a diverse selection of highly trained locum nurses and doctors, talented in a range of specialist areas. As hospitals and trusts continue to rely on locum staff to fill shortages, any patient being treated by a hospital that uses RMR Recruitment workers can be sure that they are receiving the best possible care, regardless of the lowered performance targets.”

Hundreds of knowledgeable and dedicated medical professionals can be found within RMR Recruitment’s portfolio of staff, drawn towards a locum agency for the opportunity to continue to offer their healthcare services but with a better work/life balance. With greater choice over their schedules and shift patterns, a locum doctor or nurse is refreshed and able to perform exceptionally at every job they attend.

RMR Recruitment reassures the public, stating that although the financial blow of missing targets is now lowered, every locum worker on its agency will continue to strive towards giving the best possible care they can offer.

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