RMR Recruitment Provides Medical Staff When Doctors are Sick

Specialist locum recruitment provider RMR Recruitment is helping hospitals and surgeries to keep up a consistent level of care to its patients, providing skilled and reliable staff whenever Doctors are unwell and unable to work. With additional reasons causing staff shortages within the NHS to rise, RMR Recruitment is able to step in to ensure there are no gaps left within a medical team during this turbulent time, even at short notice due to staff sickness.

The problem of illness within a workforce is an ongoing problem for any company, yet within the medical industry, staff absences can have life threatening consequences for patients expecting to receive care on the day that a practitioner is unable to work. With the medical profession covering many specialised areas that require specific skills, it can be difficult to keep staffing levels high whilst also maintaining the level of knowledge that is required to successfully carry out the critical tasks needed to be performed that day.

RMR Recruitment Operations Director, Nicholas Cavanagh said, “At RMR Recruitment, we strive towards helping hospitals and surgeries maintain enough trained staff to help keep up the high standard of healthcare for patients in the UK. Our candidates have expertise in many specialist areas and at RMR Recruitment we have a huge pool of varied talent including GP’s, Surgeons and nurses all with a wide range of skill sets. Our transparent and honest values are reflected in the quality of professionals we deliver to those who need them”.

“As a locum, naturally you work on a flexible basis. This means we are able to place the perfect employee at any medical institution, for whichever project is required, whenever they are needed”. 

The revolutionary and forward thinking approach adopted by RMR recruitment has seen the company rise above the ranks to become one of the most respected and trusted locum agencies in the business.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.rmrrecruitment.co.uk/


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About RMR Recruitment

RMR has a revolutionary approach to locum staffing solutions, which combines tradition with forward thinking. Taking a specialist approach and promoting transparent, honest and ethical values, which run as a thread throughout our business operations; we are the partner of choice when clients face a medical recruitment issue.



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