Rotten WiFi launches platforms for Android and Web after thousands rate their WiFi experiences

Just 3 months after the release on the App Store, the Rotten WiFi app is now available on Android devices and web platforms, giving even more users the ability to rate the quality of Internet connection worldwide and express their satisfaction about specific connections and hotspots.

The Rotten WiFi app is already becoming a part of everyday life for both travelers and locals, as the collected data shows that, since it launched earlier this year, people have measured the quality of Internet in 159 countries, tested 263 hotels, 50 airports and more than 2400 bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as a range of other public and private hotspots.

The most active countries checking and rating their WiFi experiences are Philippines at 13.2%, Ecuador at 7.0%, Lithuania at 6.5%, Venezuela at 5.9% and USA at 5.2%.

However, the average download speed of all hotspots in these countries is almost opposite to these results, with USA boasting 8.2 Mbps and Lithuania sitting at 7.0 Mbps, while average Internet speed in Philippines reaches 1.2 Mbps, 3.2 Mbps in Ecuador and 4.6 Mbps in Venezuela.

The data has also revealed the Top 5 restaurants, cafes or bars worldwide with the highest recorded WiFi download speed and client satisfaction ranks:

  • §  Autogrill Restaurant, Villetelle, France – download speed 58.6 Mbps, satisfaction rank – 7/10
  • §  Starbucks Coffee Shop, San Jose, USA – download speed 44.4 Mbps, satisfaction rank - 8/10
  • §  Pipirini Subs Fast food Restaurant, Lithuania - download speed 43.7 Mbps, satisfaction rank - 8/10
  • §  Time Restaurant, Lithuania - download speed 43.1 Mbps, satisfaction rank - 10/10
  • §  Edly Cocktail Bar, Romania - download speed 42.2 Mbps, satisfaction rank - 7/10

Rotten WiFi co-founder Arturas Jonkus comments:

“Having the Rotten WiFi app operating all main platforms means more users get an opportunity not only to check hotspots, but also download the customized map and list with locations of tested WiFi hotspots in any part of the world and use it offline when arrive at a destination.”

The Web version of the app can be found here:

The Android app can be downloaded here:

The Updated iOS app can be downloaded here:

For more information, please contact:

Arturas Jonkus, co-founder


Twitter: @rottenwifi



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