Rubix Strategies blasts out weakness to help companies solve problems with the Revolver method

Expert business consultants, Rubix Strategies has unveiled its pioneering new approach to problem solving with a revolutionary method that helps businesses across the country do more with existing resources. The Revolver method was born out of a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector. It helps start-ups and business leaders to identify gaps and fill shortcomings with assets and tools already in place to grow sales and reach performance objectives.

With its proprietary Revolver approach, Rubix Strategies unearths existing resources that are already in place within a company. It identifies tools which are vital to implementing and launching the next critical project, and puts them to work in more effective ways. To achieve this objective, Rubix Strategies takes each client and assesses them as if they were applying for a job within their own organization. Through a thorough analysis of the company or problem against a certain set of strategic criteria, the consultancy specialists identify the gaps keeping their clients from achieving success. Armed with this information, plans are made to make the best use of the skills that are already available within the company – helping US brands of all shapes and sizes achieve more by using less.

Reginald Swift, founder of Rubix Strategies said, “At Rubix Strategies we pride ourselves on offering something different and unique to our clients, rather than what is traditionally expected from a business consultancy setting. We urge any firm who is tired of the disappointing results from a conventional consultation to try our new Revolver approach on even the most challenging of corporate problems. Large corporations, smaller businesses and budding entrepreneurs alike can seek the results they desire by working in partnership with our team of forward thinking experts.”

The key to the development and success of this innovative approach lies within the expert minds behind it. Rubix Strategies boasts a strong team of senior consultants with a wealth of experience, forming a network of industry knowledge to be leveraged on demand. Insight available from each consultant is applied in an open and honest way, always operating in partnership with the client. This collaborative approach leaves the business in control, and arms it with the foresight and acumen needed to take the next step towards growth targets.

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Rubix Strategies is a team of experienced senior consultants, each of whom has held prestigious positions in both the private and public sectors. Immense experience, coupled with deep technical insight, gives an edge over competitors. Rubix Strategies knows exactly know what it is like to stand in their clients’ shoes. From business management to organizational development, its consultants are experts at delivering quality solutions. The Rubix solution uses the best tools, techniques and procedures for each client without discrimination. It works on both strategic and operational levels to achieve excellence.



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