RugZone Allows Babies to Explore More Textures

One of the UK’s leading rug suppliers, RugZone, is inspiring parents across the nation to incorporate rugs in nurseries and children’s bedrooms as part of a rich textured environment.  Babies discover all the senses, including touch sensitivity, in the very early stages of development and by the age of one babies learn through touching and feeling their surroundings.  A rug from Rugzone is a cost effective, simple way to incorporate more textures into the home for young children to explore.

As a toddler, everything new is exciting and as they begin to crawl their biggest space for exploration is the floor.  Whether rooms have a wooden or laminate flooring or a fitted carpet, adding a carpet will introduce a new texture and a new colour to any room.  By feeling the contrast in the rug compared to the floor surface, children are observing the world around them and developing the senses.

Phil Cotton, CEO of RugZone said, “A fluffy rug is oh-so-touchable, especially to babies and toddlers who may have not felt anything similar before.  Rugzone stocks a large variety of textured rugs, from wool and nylon to specialist shag pile, each soft to the touch but with a different quality.  They are great for kids’ rooms for so many reasons, but rugs offer a sensory experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Rugs have so many uses and their advantages are endless; they are a stylistic element which can brighten up a room, they are soft to the touch and can warm up cold floors, and they are highly practical.  With children around there is always bound to be accidents, but spillages on rugs are much easier to counteract than on fitted carpets.”   

However, soft textures such as wool are not always the best option, especially for young babies for a number of reasons.  Dying wool involves bleaching methods which often utilise harsh chemicals and peroxides, and many of these rugs are produced in overseas factories that also work with ammonia and other harmful substances.  Additionally, brand new wool rugs shed fibres which make them unsuitable for babies and young children.

Mr Cotton explained, “In contrast you can buy manmade fibres such as polypropylene that carry the “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” credential, certifying the quality of the polypropylene yarn and more importantly confirming that it contains no harmful substances. Polypropylene in naturally stain resistant, generally doesn't shed and is naturally hypoallergenic, making it more suitable for babies.

“With reference to texture fluffy rugs are great, however flat rugs may be less comfortable but allow babies to move more easily and push objects and roll balls. Also carved rugs give tots little grooves to explore.”

Aside from the myriad of colours, styles, shapes and sizes available from the RugZone website, there is also a dedicated Kids Zone category with plenty of vibrant and fun designs to choose from.  From pirates and rockets to butterflies and hearts, the selection of child-friendly rugs are bound to please any young explorers.  The range also features rugs specially designed for playtime, intended for older toddlers and children with toys such as plastic cars and figurines.  The Happy Town Rug and Race Track Rug are ideal for placing anywhere in the home and keeping the kids occupied for hours.

Mr Cotton added, “Possibly the best feature of a rug is its value for money – especially when you buy from RugZone.  Revamp any room and stimulate your child’s senses regardless of your budget.”

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