Sacrohysteropexy Procedure Offers Women Alternative to Hysterectomy

An established gynaecological surgeon is helping women reverse the effects of prolapse with a pioneering surgical solution called Sacrohysteropexy. Involving the re-positioning of the uterus, Mr Jonathan Broome has already performed the procedure on over 1000 women across the UK. He has now founded The Pelvic Clinic and is committed to helping women reclaim their quality of life and reverse the symptoms of prolapse without having to resort to a hysterectomy.

Mr Broome said, “Far too many GPs recommend hysterectomies as an answer to reversing prolapse. While it is effective, it does go hand in hand with cases of infertility and childbirth complications. The Sacrohysteropexy procedure eliminates these dangers and replaces them with a solution that’s far safer and equally as effective.”

As a common female health condition vaginal organ prolapse affects millions of women across the globe. The condition sees the bladder, uterus or bowel protrude into the vaginal organ and cause an array of undesirable symptoms. These include vaginal lump sensations, bladder issues, bowel blockages, and pain during sexual intercourse.

While prolapse itself is relatively common the Sacrohysteropexy procedure remains largely unknown. Instead, most GPs will recommend a hysterectomy. As a safe, effective and medically approved procedure Sacrohysteropexy is an excellent alternative for women experiencing prolapse symptoms.

Physical normality is effectively restored by carrying out an innovative keyhole surgery operation which uses a flexible mesh sling to lift and permanently hold the uterus in its correct position. As well as successfully re-positioning the uterus ladies also enjoy the peace of mind that their fertility and child bearing capabilities will not be put at risk.

Trained at the University of Birmingham Medical School, Broome specialises in endoscopic gynaecology and is one of the UK’s only qualified Sacrohysteropexy surgeons. Armed with empathy, experience and exceptional skill, Broome is highly regarded by patients and fellow healthcare professionals alike. His research has been published extensively in peer-review medical journals and won him status as one of the world’s most well respected urogynaecology experts, advising institutions across the globe. As well as the highly specialised Sacrohysteropexy procedure Broome’s other key areas of surgical practice include urogynaecology, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor repair and minimal access surgery (also known as laparoscopy).

Based at The Pelvic Clinic, Broome carries out Sacrohysteropexy procedures at three conveniently located clinics across the UK. These include BMI Beaumont Hospital and Euxton Hall Hospital in Lancashire and Fulwood Hall Hospital in Preston.

As vaginal organ prolapse continues to remain a common female health issue Broome is encouraging GPs to consider the Sacrohysteropexy procedure and help their patients improve their quality of life without endangering chances of childbearing.

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About The Pelvic Clinic: Based at three hospitals in Lancashire and Preston, The Pelvic Clinic has carried out thousands of successful Sacrohysteropexy procedures across the UK. The procedure essentially re-positions the uterus and eliminates the need for a hysterectomy. All procedures are performed by Mr Jonathan Broome, a qualified endoscopic gynaecology specialist and urogynaecology expert. Broome is one of the UK’s only certified Sacrohysteropexy surgeons and boasts an impressive success rate and industry reputation