Sales of Nigel Farage Underwear are on the Increase Despite UKIP’s Performance in the Election

Sales of ‘Political Pants’ with Nigel Farage’s Face on are Rocketing

The election may be over but it seems like Nigel Farage’s mug is just destined to stay on the news. Keeping his promise, Farage stepped down as the leader of UKIP after losing his seat in South Thanet. Days later it was announced UKIP will reject his resignation and Farage will stay put as the party’s leader. Aside from all the serious stuff, Nigel Farage is also the politician who has sold the most underwear brandishing his face.

The Political Pants have been injecting the fun into politics throughout the election campaign, and are still selling fast on The Farage Pants in men’s and women’s styles have increased in popularity, despite the politician losing his seat and his party performing poorer than expected – UKIP gained just 1 MP and Farage lost his own seat to the Conservatives.

On the website, the item description for the pants which are printed with an image of Nigel Farage’s laughing face states: ‘We wouldn't say, "If you don't like him don't buy him”. We'd say, “If you don't like him, buy him and give him to someone you don't like”. He's printed on bountiful cotton Y fronts.’

Campbell Smith, Owner of said, “We love tongue-in-cheek items, and the Political Pants were bestsellers in the run up to the election. They are the perfect way to show your support for a certain politician, or more often to give as a commiseration gift to your worst enemy – which we think might be the case with the increase in sales of Farage Political Pants.

UKIP crashed out in the election and Nigel Farage resigned, which would have been celebrated by a lot of people throughout the UK. That’s the only way we can explain the Farage mystery!”

Of course Mr Farage is one of the most controversial politicians and has a candid character, which is why he is always making the headlines. The coverage of UKIP by mainstream media has been criticised by parties such as The Greens, who claim to have more members and the same amount of MPs, yet don’t get near the amount of airtime as Farage.

The Political Pants range also includes underwear brandishing the faces of other main characters in politics including PM David Cameron, ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband, ex-Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg and Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Also available are Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Barack Obama.

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