Save Time and Money with Pallet Trucks UK’s Collection of Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks

Looking for a pallet truck that could save you time and money? Pallet Trucks UK has the answer – their vast range of weigh scale pallet trucks can help businesses trim their budgets and make better use of their time by enabling mobile weighing. Never again will operators need to drag their pallets to a stationary weighing area; instead, a pallet truck with built-in scales offers a portable weighing station at all times.

If you’re a trader selling goods ‘by weight’, you’re legally required to ensure that your scales are trade or EC approved. All of the trucks at Pallet Truck Shop have the correct approvals and accreditations to ensure full compliance with all legislation – and to ensure that weighing results are as accurate as possible.

The HP-ESE20-D, for example, is a hand pallet truck that features an integrated load indication system. With an LCD indicator by the handle, operators can weigh the load that the truck is carrying easily, with manual zero correction and simple and fast incoming weight control. Pallets on this truck must be lifted to the reference height before they’re weighed, and the truck also comes with a built-in spirit level to notify the operator when they should take a reading. Available for just £238.80, VAT included, this entry-level weigh scale truck is ideal for the cost-conscious business that wants to start taking advantage of mobile weighing capabilities.

Then there’s the Eoslift Wide Weighing Scale Pallet Truck – a truck a few steps up the spectrum compared to the more basic model. With a 2000kg capacity and a weighing facility that provides readings in steps of just 1kg, this highly accurate truck is a must-buy for businesses where the slightest fluctuation in weight can have an impact. The forks of this truck are slightly wider, making them the ideal size for GKN blue pallets and other larger sizes. Available for £1,170.00, VAT included, this truck is for the power weighers; the businesses that have already made strides in mobile weighing and want to boost productivity even further by adding to the fleet. 

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, says, “Weighing scale pallet trucks can help save businesses time and money, by ensuring that their truck operators don’t waste time waiting around at stationary weighing points. Instead, they boost overall productivity by making it possible to weigh loads while they’re on the truck itself. Our comprehensive range offers something for everyone – from trucks with printers to trucks with wider forks. If you think you’re in need of a weigh scale solution like this, get in touch with our team today.”

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