Scented Birthday Gifts from ecoScent

Birthdays are notoriously tricky occasions, especially when looking to buy the perfect gift for a friend, relative or loved one. Yet there are some items which you can rarely ever go wrong with. Scented candles are one of these perfect gifts; their scents can be therapeutic or revitalising and their simplicity and elegance complement any home or living space, transforming any room into an exotic escape imbued with luxurious and delicate fragrances that encourage body and soul to drift off into another world. ecoScent has a stunning range of scented soy candles and gift sets in a variety of carefully blended fragrances, for hours of serenity and tranquillity lit by flickering candlelight.

ecoScent use only rare and unusual essential oils to create their luxurious scented soy candles, blended according to ancient principles with a unique consideration of how each individual scent works alone and when combined with others. Their entirely natural collection consists of soothing fragrances in classic scents with a modern twist to create a welcoming and inviting environment. Their scented candle gift sets are packaged in luxury presentation boxes to create a purely indulgent gift for a special someone. Featuring three unique candles with distinctive fragrances, the sets draw inspiration from across the globe and make use of some of the most timeless aromas imaginable.

The first candle in the set is a seamless and exotic blend of East meets West, with soothing Haitian vetyver and sultry Asian patchouli, fused perfectly with the classic scent of cedar wood. Place this highly fragranced soy candle in the bedroom to create an Oriental paradise, or the living room for a relaxing Hispaniola utopia.

The second candle combines the vivacious citrusy sparkle of Mediterranean lemons with the soft, tantalising aroma of neroli blossom. The neroli flowers and Sicilian lemon scented candle is ideally suited to the kitchen, creating a sense of hot sunny days and outdoor living when lit. Finest jasmine and lily of the valley notes ensure a truly unforgettable gift for a loved one.

The last tumbler in the set has something of a sweet earthiness, with opoponax and balmy tonka beans mingling to create a rich and opulent fragrance. The addition of spicy frankincense and gentle patchouli produce a truly unique combination.

As well as featuring some of the most exquisite fragrances from the furthest corners of the world, ecoScent candles are also entirely biodegradable, non-toxic and vegan friendly, with only renewable resources used in the crafting process. The environmentally friendly aspects are just one of the many advantages; they are estimated to burn up to 50% longer than conventional paraffin candles commonly given as gifts, and they are also smoke and soot-free. When presenting these delightful candles as a birthday gift, you may rest easy in the knowledge that the serene and pacifying scents are entirely natural, do not harm the environment and will last for many hours to come.

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