Scientist Claims Parmesan Cheese Helps Men With Erectile Dysfunction

A new study has found that parmesan cheese could help to improve sexual performance among men with erectile dysfunction – giving men even more reason to visit the Italy to sample some of its most authentic and delicious cuisine themselves.

The study, conducted by Mario Baraldi, a local professor, discovered that when parmesan was administered to a number of rats (some being sexually sluggish, the others being fairly potent), it could help to boost their sex drive, especially in the case of the more sluggish rats. By feeding the animals more parmesan, they were able to increase its sexual activity even further – results which Baraldi believes can be replicated in humans. The study was originally published in 2012 in Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences.

Giacomo Montagnani, Head of Public Relations at Emilia Delizia, a gourmet food tour company, says, “The amazing discovery that parmesan cheese can have a similar effect to impotence medications should have men flocking to Italy to sample the authentic, delicious cheese! The idea that parmesan had an effect on sex drive was purely a legend until recently, when Professor Baraldi managed to prove its effects on a group of rats.”

Mr Montangnani adds, “We offer gourmet food tours and cooking classes in the heart of Italy, which can help take men on a culinary adventure as well as giving their mojo a much-needed boost.”

Parmesan cheese contains a huge amount of amino acids, which are essentially the building blocks for nervous system stimulants like dopamine. These stimulants are essential for good sexual health – and if they’re lacking, a man’s virility can suffer. By introducing more parmesan into the diet, men can enjoy an enhanced sex drive, especially if they’ve previously suffered from erectile dysfunction.

The effects of parmesan cheese are enhanced when combined synergistically with balsamic vinegar, another popular product of Italy. Traditionally produced in Modena and the surrounding area, balsamic vinegar, when eaten with parmesan, can heighten its effects. Professor Baraldi believes that the balsamic vinegar helps the stomach to absorb the cheese more effectively, ensuring the body experiences an even greater effect.


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