Seán Carey Reveals 21st Century Take on Adopting Alexander Technique

The secrets of the Alexander Technique are unveiled this week as HITE publishes a ground-breaking book on using the method to adopt well-aligned physical habits. Titled ‘Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity: Improve how you sit, stand, walk, work and run’ the book is a must read text for both teachers and students wanting to reap the benefits of constructive conscious control.

Blending professional experience on the subject with clever insights from anthropological, evolutionary biology and social neuroscience training, Seán Carey has created a modern and uniquely relevant text for applying the Alexander Technique to everyday life.

Carey said, “I’ve been fascinated with the Alexander Technique for decades and am thrilled to be publishing my fifth book on the life-changing method. It offers readers more insight than ever before and takes and up-to-the-minute approach designed to help anyone harness the power of mindful action applied to everyday movements.”

Developed in the 1890s by Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander, the technique is an educational process that teaches people how to eliminate unnecessary mental and muscular tension in day to day life. Based on acquiring an awareness of oneself, the technique aims to help people swap undesirable physical habits for optimum balance, posture and co-ordination. For over a century people have attempted to teach the well-known technique, but it isn’t until now that an author has managed to capture the essence of Alexander’s method and relay it for 21st century readers.

With experience working on four Society of the Alexander Technique (STAT) approved teacher training courses in London, Carey is one of the world’s most well-respected experts. Interestingly, his curiosity in the technique stemmed not from his social science studies but from lessons taken as part of his rehabilitation and recovery program after a motorcycle accident. He quickly became fascinated with the process and went on to gain his teaching qualification in 1986. Since then he has co-authored four critically acclaimed books in conjunction with John Nicholls, Walter Carrington and Marjory Barlow. His latest publication is a wealth of information on the subject and offers readers an enriched guide to mastering the technique. 

After introductory chapters on Alexander’s discovery, inhibition and direction, Carey delves into a sequential analysis of basic human movements that all able-bodied people on the planet perform.  From standing, walking and running to sitting, bending and breathing, he uncovers why most people carry out such movements so badly.

Each chapter summarises and illustrates examples of movement, as well as specialist activities associated with dance, musical and sports performance. Carey sums up the text with an insightful FAQ section covering topics such as the technique’s role in relieving chronic lower back pain, the use and significance of the eyes in movement, application to exercise and the myriad of myths surrounding core stability and strength training.

Written in a highly accessible style that’s simple and easy to understand, Carey has ensured his book appeals to a diverse audience of readers. Already the book has received glowing reviews from both teachers and students.

Pamela McGregor, Alexander Technique pupil writes, “I have had 50 plus Alexander lessons but have never touched on much of the “stuff” included in Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity. Have I been short changed?!! Or was it because I was not paying attention?!! There is more to the technique than I ever knew, and Seán Carey’s book reveals how and why.”

 “The book Alexander Technique teachers and students always wished had been written has finally arrived,” says Dr Barry Collins, Alexander Technique teacher.

‘Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity’ is available to purchase from the HITE website for £18.99 including P&P. 

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Written by Seán Carey, ‘Alexander Technique in Everyday Activity: Improve how you sit, stand, walk, work and run’ is a modern take on a renowned 19thcentury process. Carey offers a lucid overview of the method and how it can be used to optimise everyday activity. The book is published by Healthcare Integrated Training and Education (HITE).