How the UK’s only female coach just for men is re-inventing the 3hour power lunch

Loosely monitored expense accounts, epic business lunches, frequent flyer miles; this is the coveted executive life, the perks enjoyed by high-flyers who navigate the world of male-dominated, big business. Leisure time is golf, the gym, cycling; hobbies that offer respite before jumping back into the suit and shiny shoes. That is until the arrival of Tori Ufondu, Mindset Coach for men, providing a mental workout like none other.

No such thing as a simple man

Rejecting the common notion of men as the simpler sex with less complex needs than women, Tori from works internationally and exclusively with men and is becoming renowned for her highly intensive sessions that can last for up to 4 hours.  Softly spoken and still in her early 30s, she’s been described as ‘wonderfully disarming’ and a ‘much needed changemaker’ by her client base, typically middle-aged males from high-stress law, banking and marketing roles.  These are results-oriented men who don’t mince their words and appear to thrive on the unexpected dynamic. In a recent statement Tori says ‘I don’t work in neat little one hour blocks.  If a client has personal or business challenges, I’m not going to spend 4 weeks getting to the heart of it – what’s wrong with now?’ 

Whether it’s anxiety, sexual issues, self-sabotage or business and relationship challenges; the order of the day is deep awareness, acceptance and perspectives coaching, using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and sometimes hypnosis.  With the rates of male suicide far out-weighing those of women in the UK, and men self-medicating with alcohol, sex or extreme behaviours, she strongly opposes the belief that women would benefit more greatly from her coaching. ‘My rapport with men is often instant, I have CEOs who are surprised when I don’t judge them for lacking true self-confidence or cheating on their wives.  These men desperately need to be allowed to talk without restraint.’ continues Tori.

Be ready for change

Tori’s growing practice isn’t just about helping men to understand why they think and behave the way they do, her unassuming manner combined with pinpoint accuracy, helps to foster significant change. The environment is open, judgement free and she prides herself on real-world experience and understanding.  There is one catch however – she pushes hard and takes you where you need to go. If she truly doesn’t think you’re ready for it, you don’t even get in the door.

Contact: W: E: M: 0774 917 2603