Sheffield Animators ‘Whistle Video’ Produce Work for World’s Largest Online Freelance Community, PeoplePerHour

Sheffield animation and video production company, Whistle Video has won a competitive pitch to create a dynamic new video for one of the web’s largest online communities, PeoplePerHour. The video introduces an exciting new concept for the biggest freelance marketplace in the world, while remaining thoroughly on-brand.

In a shining example of freelancers providing work for the UK’s biggest freelance community, the video was signed off by the CEO of PeoplePerHour himself, Xenios Thrasyvoulou. The clip will be sent to large clients all over the world to explain the brand new branch of the site, Enterprise Solutions. The team at Whistle Video worked collaboratively with the PeoplePerHour team to produce the high-profile video, with perfectly-pitched animations and a straightforward explanation of the new enterprise service.

Joe Skillington, Founder of Whistle Video, says, “We’re regular users of PeoplePerHour, and when we saw that they’d posted a job for a new explainer video, we decided to put together a proposal. They loved our idea and decided to choose us over dozens of other experienced applicants, having seen our previous explainer videos. We were obviously thrilled to be selected, and worked hard to create a fast-moving, on-message video that was attractive, informative and fun.

“The video was signed off by the CEO of PeoplePerHour and will now be sent to many of their larger clients around the world to promote this new service. This job was a real milestone for the team here at Whistle Video, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it’s received when it goes live on the PeoplePerHour website!”

Whistle Video has a history of working with well-known clients and big brand names. The group was recently commissioned by the NHS, EasyCoffee, Sheffield Wednesday’s Community Charity and Parodontax, helping to create stellar animated pieces that effectively promote a new service or product.

The firm was founded by Joe Skillington, a video expert who was inspired by the medium while living in New Zealand. He started out creating videos of holiday homes for clients to showcase their properties, and by the time he returned to the UK, his passion for video production had blossomed. After joining forces with his older brother, Sam Skillington, a professional illustrator, Whistle Video was born. The company has now expanded, taking on young creatives and freelancers in order to ensure they assign the individual with the right skills to each of their increasingly high-profile clients.

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