Sheldon's 'Spot' on the Real Leather Sofa in The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is to young people of the 2010s what Friends was to those coming of age in the 1990s. A show based primarily on the lives of four male scientists living in California, the hit US comedy has taken the globe by storm and become must-watch TV for many. The cult heroes of the show, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj, aren't particularly renowned for their style or fashion choices, but the apartment in which Leonard and Sheldon reside has become a geek-chic haven and with its neutral design and high level of comfort (due to the need to play video games for long hours) there are many who want to replicate it.

One of the key elements of the Leonard and Sheldon's apartment is the real leather sofa. In later episodes it is revealed that the sofa was purchased by Leonard from tenants who were moving on the first floor; the inviting and comforting style of the sofa drew him in and made him invest in his first new piece of furniture for his new home. The sofa itself is a deep, rich brown colour which fits with the general neutrality within the apartment and allows for the colourful cast of characters to truly stand out.

The fact that Leonard purchased the sofa from an existing tenant demonstrates the long lifespan that leather sofas boast; when maintained properly and taken care of, genuine leather sofas can often last for decades;The Big Bang Thory has been running for six seasons now, and the sofa has served them well throughout this time, as well as serving the previous tenants too. Leather also ages beautifully; as attractive as leather sofas are when they are first purchased, the passage of time often results in an attractively weathered and softened feel.

The leather sofa has played a huge part in one of the recurring themes of the whole series; Sheldon's 'spot'. Sheldon is the brilliant theoretical physicist with an IQ of 187 and a distinct lack of social skills. He often exhibits a desire for rigid order and routine, with one of his most annoying (and yet endearing) quirks being that he will only sit in one seat on the leather sofa. This is reminiscent of many people's apartments, where everyone has a favourite 'spot' on the sofa, although the majority of people will not go as far as expressing the need to be at an ideal angle to the television, in the midst of a cross-breeze during summer and close enough to a radiator during the winter months, like Sheldon. This does help to showcase the universality of the leather sofa; those who own one will understand that everyone has their preferred spot on the sofa for prime television viewing and optimum comfort.

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