Shoreditch Debuts Limited Edition ‘Trump’s Tequila Titillator’ Vape Inspired by US President Elect

Online vape subscription box innovators Shoreditch is softening the blow of the US election result for its customers with a limited-edition e-liquid inspired by the new President Elect. Trump’s Tequila Titillator has been included as a surprise in select subscription boxes from Shoreditch from 1st January 2017.

Jokingly inspired by rumours about Trump’s very own favourite E-liquid flavour, Shoreditch has noted that the Mexican roots of the blend may make it hard for the President Elect to get his hands on once he builds his infamous wall. Shoreditch customers now have the chance to see if they have more in common with Donald Trump than they thought by seeing if their e-liquid preferences match up.

Ryan Shaw, founder of Shoreditch says, “We were as shocked as everyone else that Trump won the US election, but when we realized that he might soon be in a difficult position to consume his favourite e-liquid flavour we decided to create one, to give our customers a taste of what it’s like to be the US President Elect. Obviously a flavour inspired by Trump himself probably wouldn’t taste that great, so we decided to base the recipe on Margarita, Mexico’s famous cocktail. Perhaps if he’s struggling to get hold of his e-liquid after he builds his wall he could get a subscription with Shoreditch!”

Alongside Trump’s dubious relationship with Mexico, he may find his vaping habit under threat from the harsh and prohibitive measures in place by the FDA, making it incredibly expensive for him to manufacture his e-liquid of choice within the US. The cost of submitting a new e-liquid through the FDA’s regulatory process would make even the likes of Donald Trump balk at the bill.

It has been rumoured that Trump is in favour of reforming the FDA, which could see the strict regulations regarding e-cigarettes reviewed. However, Trump has yet to make an official statement on his position

Trump’s Tequila Titillator will be distributed randomly to Shoreditch customers within select subscription boxes while stocks last. 

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