Shower Doors: What Are The Choices?

Shower enclosures are becoming more popular than shower-baths as people attempt to align their bathrooms with their hectic lifestyles, and so it is more important than ever for people to choose the right shower doors for them. When it comes to choosing a shower door, there are a number of things to consider, including the amount of space the new installation will take up, and the style of the bathroom it will be installed in. Bella Bathrooms are the experts on all things shower doors and enclosures, and offer their in-depth guide to choosing the right shower door for your bathroom.


Pivot shower doors are the traditional open-shut shower doors. They create a neat and streamlined appearance and make any bathroom appear spacious when they are closed. However, smaller bathrooms might feel cramped when they are open, and if there are rugs nearby, opening the shower door after a shower could end up soaking them through. Pivot shower doors are a chic and functional solution for larger bathrooms which aren’t compromised by having a door taking up some space. Hinge doors also come under this heading; they are similar to pivot doors and offer many of the same advantages.


Perfect for smaller bathrooms with less space, sliding shower doors help to keep the entire shower compact. There is no extra room needed for a pivot door with a hinge which will swing outwards; the extra space saved can even be used to make the shower enclosure larger in itself. Larger rooms can also benefit from sliding shower doors, as they are available in a number of sections to cover the entire enclosure. These look great in cloakrooms due to their space-saving credentials, and can also be used within normal-sized bathrooms as a contemporary addition to a shower enclosure.


Bi-fold shower doors are also a great way to save space and add an element of interest to any shower enclosure. Rather than traditional straight lines, bi-fold doors offer an angular, different approach that would befit a contemporary bathroom space. Optional side panels are often included to complete the kit, and the stylish frames help to ensure that the shower is the centrepiece of the room. If the shower is the appliance in the bathroom used the most, it is worth investing in a stylish door solution to make it really stand out. 

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