Sixth Episode of Hilarious Web Series HEAVY METAL SUPERSTAR Launches Tonight in LA

Who knew comedy and heavy metal would be such a great mix? A hilarious new episode of web video series HEAVY METAL SUPERSTAR is launching on YouTube tonight, after five successful episodes tickled audiences funny-bones worldwide. El Cid Bar and Restaurant in Los Angeles will be hosting the launch of the anticipated sixth new episode and the video will be up on YouTube soon after, so regular viewers of the series can get their next slice of comedy within the next 24 hours.

The series follows a wannabe heavy metal musician who plays a possessed tuba and takes on the persona of a noble medieval warrior – Ye Black Knight. Sound crazy? You bet! Hilarious episodes so far include ‘Rock Blocked’ and ‘Sales Pitch From Hell’, which follow the hard rock enthusiast as he tries to make it as a god of the guitar, and forge a career alongside the heavy metal kings he worships.

The five episodes up on YouTube so far have racked up thousands of views across the board and the worlds of comedy and heavy metal alike are sitting up to take note of these hilarious new talents.

Series writer and director Alan Ramstedt, says, “We’re thrilled to be launching the next episode in our side-splitting comedy series. Our hero – Ye Black Knight – is building a cult following of rockers who can’t get enough of his escapades, and we’re thoroughly enjoying trying to make the series an enjoyable, funny and entertaining experience for our fans and followers.”

He adds, “Our future plans for Ye Black Knight are not concrete just yet – the public reception of him has been fantastic so far, so we’ll see where the venture takes us and hope we can keep our audience laughing and rocking along!”

The rise of the web series has been well documented over the last few years, with some standout productions garnering millions of views and thousands of addicted regulars. The series are often low-budget, but the creators are never short on imagination or originality – as proven with HEAVY METAL SUPERSTAR. Where else on the web would comedy lovers find possessed tubas and wannabe metal musicians?

If you’ve missed any of the episodes so far, catch them all on YouTube or on the website

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