Sizzling New Book Offers Glimpse Into Lives of A-List Hollywood Nannies

Hold onto your hats! A brand new book has launched this week offering a funny, tongue-in-cheek and inspirational glimpse behind the doors of the world’s rich and famous. The Nanny Chronicles of Hollywood has already soared to one of Amazon’s coveted #1 Bestseller spots, and is set to be a hit summer read for budding mompreneurs, nannies, parents, wives and mothers everywhere!

The book is co-written by Stella Reid and Julie Swales – two renowned experts in the nanny and child care arena. Julie is a partner at the famed Elizabeth Rose Agency, one of the leading agencies in the country, where she has placed nannies with the likes of Tom Cruise and Britney Spears. Stella is instantly recognizable as the star of hit television series Nanny 911, and has extensive experience in the world of parent coaching.

The book is split into chapters that detail every section of a Hollywood nanny’s typical journey – it covers the very first interview, the children, the luxury lifestyle, the sex, the unique boundaries that come with working with other people’s children, and of course, the inevitable ‘breakup’. Each section contains Julie and Stella’s own anecdotes, and every chapter ends with some real-life experiences from four nannies with some hilarious, touching and inspirational stories to tell. What happens when a child runs to the nanny instead of their parent after a playground injury? What’s it like to be rewarded with designer handbags and luxury air travel for doing your job? And how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye? All is revealed chapter by chapter in this heartfelt, humorous read.

Stella says, “We’re thrilled to be launching The Nanny Chronicles of Hollywood, so we can share some of the experiences we and our nannies have had working with some of the world’s most elite clientele. We’ve taken a really fun approach to the world of professional nannying, and with over 40 years of experience between Julie and I, we feel uniquely qualified to offer readers a glimpse into this glamorous, indulgent and often competitive world.”

Julie adds, “For an inside look into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, who better to ask than the people hired to care for their children? With hyped-up household politics, money, fame and power to contend with, Hollywood is a real cocktail for drama – it’s fair to say our nannies often have more to think about than diapers and bedtime! We hope the book gives an interesting and nuanced insight into how ‘the other half’ live – as well as providing some laughs along the way!”

The book launched recently at the International Nanny Association’s 30thAnniversary Conference in Cancun, and since then it has been a huge hit on Amazon, with a number of five-star reviews. ‘I couldn’t put it down!’ comments one reader, while another hails the book as ‘creatively written, with just enough drama to keep you turning the pages at a fast pace’. Available for just $15.99 on Amazon, this is an unparalleled insight into the world of the uber-wealthy that you won’t find anywhere else.

The book also has a strong charitable link, supporting the Jacaranda Foundation in Malawi. This crucial charity was founded by Marie De Silva, an ex-nanny from LA. The Jacaranda Foundation provides quality free primary, secondary and tertiary education to orphans in Malawi, as well as providing integrated orphan care for those who have sadly lost their parents to AIDS. For every copy of The Nanny Chronicles of Hollywood sold, Julie and Stella will donate a children’s fiction book or textbook to the Jacaranda Foundation, to help equip these schools with the materials they need. 

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