Family owned and operated Remodeling Contractor dedicated to offering fair pricing and project expectations with over 3,000 home remodels, from room additions to full second-story designs and builds.

San Diego, CA – November 6, 2014 Originally founded by Steve Bollerman in 1983, SJB Construction Incorporated is becoming a leading second-story addition contractor in the San Diego area for residential home projects. As it stands, the family owned has design/built over 3,000 home remodels ranging from room additions to full second-story designs and builds in the Southern California community it serves. Fusing fair pricing and project expectations with contemporary designs for 2015, 3D rendering by request, a five-star rating on Yelp, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and formidable ranking on

“One major benefit our clients receive when hiring SJB Construction as a home remodeling service is that they are getting a general contractor that places integrity over production,” says Bollerman. “What exactly does this equate to? Clients are not up-sold more expensive, ‘essential’ products if they are not in the initial scope of work agreed upon. Indeed, working with a contractor who has stayed in business for the past 30 years merely by ‘word of mouth’ should indicate that thousands of client referrals cannot be wrong.”

In the area of room additions, SJB remains a leader, offering services to build out family rooms, add extra bedrooms for kids, add second stories to a home, build a side room for guests or even build out a kitchen. Further, the company prides itself on being a design/build room addition contractor, so clients can trust SJB to customize to their ideal specs while tailor-fitting their predilection throughout the process. With close relationships to architectural designers boasting over 30 years of experience, SJB Construction understands that client needs and working together to forge the most optimal design to match or accentuate the home shouldn’t be a rushed process.

In striving to become San Diego’s leading second-story addition contractor, SJB Construction and its representatives make it clear to clients that they understand how important footings and foundation structure is; according to company reps, the new weight of a second-story addition must be properly supported. As Bollerman explains it: “Footings require reinforcement from an architectural standpoint – in essence, footings are expanded to sustain the upper floor loads. This process is referred to as ‘underpinning,’ and it is something we have become no-questions-asked experts in.”

As one of the more sought-after services in SJB’s arsenal, 3D rendering represents the visualization and conceptual design plan that allows homeowners to feel comfortable about their room addition, or second-story addition, before the actual work begins. With 3D floor plans and architectural rendering services, says SJB Construction Inc. , homeowners can change specifications or view project with maximized options. In fact, SJB Construction Inc. makes note that clients tend to be more satisfied once the project has started and they know they can trust the team building versus the initial design/estimate process.

“My vision has always been to build homes so they last as if I were building my own,” concludes Bollerman. “Since I started way back in 1983, SJB Construction Inc. has renovated and built over 3,000 residential and commercial properties ranging from smaller home additions to building entire houses from the ground-up. Our goal to become San Diego’s leading second-story addition contractor is remaining a trustworthy family owned company but offering competitive building expertise at the best price”

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