SkinSins Body Art Launches with Debut Couture Collections

It's time for a new feel of luxury

The future of temporary tattoos has just got a bit more exciting, thanks to the introduction of SkinSins, a luxurious range of premium body art that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Their Iconic debut collections consist of 16 visually arresting statement pieces in colours, sizes and with a precision never seen before, all drawn by hand and made with love in Barcelona. 

Norwegian founder Tille del Negro dreamed up the concept, inspired by the bare feet, salty skin and glamourous people of the small Spanish village she calls home. SkinSins quickly gained a cult status when they released their very first 10 samples and was worn & loved by power girls like Anja Rubik, Audrey Marnay, Pixie Geldof, Lily Sumner and Joana Preiss.

SkinSins key philosophy is individuality, expressing the mood of where you are & who you are in these fleeting moments called life.

“Within us all lies that raw ancient warrior, that purity of the saint, the wild opulence of a lioness, the lover, the rebel, the mother. With Art that is temporary we want to focus on the impermanent states, how we express ourselves, how we feel from moment to moment.” says Creative Director Tille del Negro

They will launch their online store, this end of June featuring photographic collaborations with Mario Sorrenti, Ellen Von Unwerth, Christophe Rihet and their in -house photographer Kate Bellm. Each flash tattoo arrives in an oversized clutch envelope designed by Sarah Thorne, making each SkinSins moment a ritual and each gift special. 

SkinSins is far more than simple flash tattoos. They are an expression of creativity and individuality, and mark the start of a brand new way of accessorising.

We would love to hear from you! 

For more information, hi-res images and samples please contact:

Chloe Norgård at

Mobile: +34639762345

Or Tille del Negro at



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