Snackeaze Brings Healthy Edge to Snacking Habits of Americans Through Fundraising

An innovative new start-up is bringing a healthy conscience to the sugar coated snack industry with a range of wholesome treats from leading brands. Natural, nourishing and downright tasty, Snackeaze shuns calorie laden nibbles and replaces them with goodies that are great for the mind, the body and the waistline. Additionally, the company is donating one meal to a food bank for every box of healthy snacks sold.  

As well as providing every day snackers with access to healthy options Snackeaze is also bringing a wholesome edge to sickly sweet fundraising drives. Rather than donate in exchange for pizza vouchers, cookie dough and chocolates Snackeaze offers schools, recreation councils, YMCAs, charities and other organizations affordable snack packages brimming with all-natural, low fat options. The market for health snacks is enormous which means higher demand, more sales and greater profits, whatever the cause.

According to the latest research from the Centers for Disease Control and Protection 33.8% of American adults and 17% of children are considered obese. Furthermore, the percentage of adults considered overweight is a staggering 65%. It’s nothing short of an epidemic and unhealthy eating habits are one of the key culprits. Snackeaze is on a mission to reverse this lethal trend by giving health conscious Americans access to delicious, healthy snacks at their fingertips.

Every item in the Snackeaze pantry falls into the ‘healthy eating’ category and is made with the finest quality all-natural ingredients. As well as snacks from leading brands such as Clif and Boulder the company also shines the spotlight on smaller manufacturers. Whatever package they choose customers can expect to receive a cornucopia of low-fat, preservative free savory and salty snacks that are guaranteed to satisfy every taste bud. For Americans with special dietary requirements Snackeaze also offers non-GMO, kosher, and gluten-free options.

Alex Lieske, founder of Snackeaze says, “Enticing people with edible treats is a hugely effective way to raise funds, yet at the same time it is also fundamentally damaging to the health of the nation. I love the concept of edible fundraising drives though after conducting a little research I was shocked to learn that there really aren’t any options for healthy alternatives. The Snackeaze fundraising initiative was developed to offer Americans a way to raise money without encouraging generous donators to sacrifice their health.”

Snackeaze offers a range of options for the perfect corporate gift as it encourages a healthier lifestyle. In fact, it makes an ideal gift for any occasion, whether it’s for a college graduate or given to friends and family in celebration of a birthday or holiday.

For a limited time only Snackeaze is offering new customers an exclusive offer of $25 off their first purchase. Simply sign up using an email address then redeem the voucher at checkout.

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Founded by Alex Lieske, Snackeaze is a health oriented company retailing nourishing edible snack packages to everyday Americans. The company sources products from leading brands as well as smaller manufacturers. As well as personal packages Snackeaze also offers healthy fundraising care packages to schools, recreation councils, YMCAs, charities and other organizations.