SO KLARA brings bold bespoke designs to properties looking to add a splash of colour

Injecting colour and pattern into otherwise bland areas can seem an impossible task sometimes, however London-based SO KLARA is making the conundrum a little easier this month with its distinctive range of luxurious home decor accessories and bespoke wall art – designed and crafted in Britain. Celebrating the power of colour to create visually striking pieces that radiate positivity and personality, while maintaining the elegance, class and style expected of modern interiors, the handcrafted pieces are ideal for brightening up hotels, boutiques and homes.

Designed to bring energy and pleasure into both commercial and residential spaces, SO KLARA combines modern and traditional printing techniques with intricate hand-painted designs. Creating dynamic pieces that inspire creativity, the glorious designs provide rich visual experiences that elegantly compliment modern interiors and create bold statements in period properties.

Klara Capouskova, the visionary behind SO KLARA aims to bring vivacity, joy and energy into people’s everyday environment. She says, “My art is designed to inject colour and inspiration into a wide range of spaces. I have a strong background in counselling, as well as art, so am aware how colours, patterns and textures can affect mental health and wellbeing. With that in mind, I aim to produce artwork and interiors that help improve mood, while appealing to those looking for a bit of statement luxury.

Armed with a Masters in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, Klara knows just how to make eye-catching, unusual designs that capture the imagination of individuals, while still having an emphasis on quality and the finest craftsmanship. With impromptu brushstrokes and a versatile kaleidoscope of colour designed to make an impact, SO KLARA’s stunning range of sophisticated home interiors and accessories are strong, vibrant and full of attitude.

Available in a range of online stores, such as Wolf & Badger, AHAlife and In-Spaces, as well as on her very own website, SO KLARA is set to take the art world by storm.

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Boasting an elegant collection of handcrafted silk scarves, luxurious home decor accessories and vibrant art fabrics that say so much, SO KLARA’s range is designed to bring vivacity, joy and energy into everyday environments. Celebrating the power of colour to create visually striking pieces for discerning clientele with distinctive tastes and a passion for the finer things in life, SO KLARA creates pieces that exude positivity, confidence, style and class.



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