Social Dancing Agency Twinkletoes Launches in London

A new events agency has launched in London designed to sweep the capital’s dancers and would-be dancers right off their feet.

Twinkletoes organises social dancing events in London with classes for those who want to learn and offers a partner-finding service for those who love to dance but find themselves without a leading man or woman. From the sultry tango to the Latin infused Rumba, via the elegance of ballroom dancing and the feisty foxtrot, Twinkletoes has sourced some of the capital’s best venues for regular dance evenings set to the unmistakeable strains of a live big band.

Founder Nina Cobb was inspired to create Twinkletoes after discovering a passion for dancing following a back injury. She found that older dancers struggled to meet skilful dance partners and as a result were consigned to staying at home dreaming of being swept off their feet. She said, “Having gone to group dancing classes and progressed through exam taking, I wanted more than ever to go dancing socially. I found that despite living in London there was a severe lack of social dancing venues in pleasant and inviting environments. I was inspired to set up Twinkletoes as I believe I am not the only person wanting to have a night out dancing socially, with like minded people of all ages and generations.”

“It is now universally recognized that making use of rhythm, music, touch and movement, for people who experience difficulties with communication and loss of confidence promotes their well-being. The popularity and diversity of dance in Britain is indisputable, as are the benefits it brings to the community as a whole. I am dedicated to bringing the opportunity of a quality affordable dance venue to individuals stretching across all generations initially throughout Central London as the first phase of a strategic plan to facilitate the promotion and inclusion of dance, movement and music into the lives of as many households as possible.”

With the popularity of TV shows such as Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing, ballroom dancing and social dancing are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Based on this renewed interest, Twinkletoes arranges inclusive social dance events where all are welcome to attend. Described by Ms Cobb as ‘club with no pretensions’, the dance evenings include dinner and live music, giving individuals the chance to socialise with other dancers and meet new dance partners for perhaps the first time.

Combining the chance to learn new dances with a fun-filled, affordable evening out, Twinkletoes dancing events are accessible for dancers of all ages and abilities. Events are held periodically and reservations can be made in advance. For those not based in London, the Twinkletoes website lists dance venues around the country along with reputable dance instructors. There is also a virtual notice board for dancers looking for a partner to place an advert, regardless of their location.

To find out more visit or call: 07951 057730.

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