Social shopping app connecting retailers and consumers presents investment opportunity

London based technology firm SavelGo is seeking investment for its innovative social shopping app that connects retail businesses with consumers. The company is offering 5.06% equity in return for £150,000 of investment through crowdfunding platform Seedrs in order to market the product to reach a wider audience.

SavelGo, which launched its consumer app just ten months ago, has managed over 1,000 orders to date and has acquired an audience of over 32,000. Mobile advertising and commerce is a fast-growing industry, with US advertisers alone spending over $40 billion to reach consumers on mobile phones and tablets in 2016. SavelGo aims to be the place retailers go when seeking to expand mobile sales, presenting a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

Salvatore Vacante, CEO of SavelGo, said, “Many established retailers with their focus on stores and traditional websites are missing sales from mobile and they are unable to determine the best strategy to stop this trend. We understand how hard it can be to create a user-friendly app. SavelGo will give businesses and brands the opportunity to reach our mobile audience and investors that join us now could benefit too.”

The app intends to create a continuous and valuable shopping experience that means online shopper don’t have to trawl through multiple sites and search for reliable reviews. SavelGo is tailored to each of its users, allowing them to access and find more of the products they love. Through the platform shopaholics can follow merchant pages to receive push notifications when they update with new and exciting content and offers.

The app aims to act as a bridge between retailers and consumers, giving businesses access to a wide customer base that they can take advantage of. SavelGo can help businesses and consumer streamline the purchasing process. The app also has a fully integrated payment solution.

Investors interested in backing SavelGo can also benefit from the company’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SIES), providing qualifying investors with a 50% tax relief on their investment returns.

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SavelGo is a social shopping app with an ongoing customised feed and a powerful search engine designed to easily locate businesses, professionals and popular brands. 



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