Sonder Creative Architectural Photography Company Lands Lucrative Contract After Prince’s Trust Backing

A unique photography start-up has secured a lucrative contract to photograph residential developments in Leeds, after receiving the backing of the Prince’s Trust. Sonder Creative is an architectural and interior photography start-up which provides very high-quality images for commercial use, and has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 2014. Now, with the support of the Prince’s Trust, Sonder Creative is set to become one of the most sought-after photography companies in the UK.

Specialising in architectural and interior photography, Sonder Creative has already worked with high-profile restaurants, taking vivid and engaging images of their commercial premises for use on websites, menus and online directories. Their stellar work and eye-catching shots have not gone unnoticed, and with a contract to photograph a large number of residential properties in Leeds, their effort and hard work is beginning to pay off.

Usman Dawood, Lead Photographer says, “Things are well and truly on the up at Sonder Creative. After a lot of hard work learning and honing our craft, we have started to grab the attention of large commercial ventures, who are keen for us to photograph their locations in our own unique style.”

Dawood adds, “We couldn’t have achieved everything we have so far without the help of the Prince’s Trust, which enabled us to demonstrate our unique abilities first-hand to several key organisations. Since then, we’ve been able to establish and develop a strong brand, making a name for ourselves in this competitive industry. 2015 is looking set to be Sonder Creative’s busiest and most successful year yet!”

The unique style of the photographs provided by Sonder Creative is certainly making waves within the industry. The team has developed a keen understanding of how to minimise distortions with the use of natural and professional lighting, for an authentic and vivid finish. This is perfect for commercial ventures like architects/architectural firms, hotels, restaurants and other leisure venues, where aesthetics are key, and locations must be accurately represented.

The experts in capturing indoor and outdoor spaces view the photography process as a collaboration between themselves and the client – with both working in tandem to ensure the best results and make the building or space look its very best. With a service tailored to fit the needs of every individual client, and a unique grasp of what makes a location look appealing, Sonder Creative is set to become one of the hottest names in architectural and interior photography.

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