Manchester based company, Mamucium Capital Management, has been launched amid growing demand for a new-model of investing.

Mamucium is a specialist wealth management company, one that provides clients with innovative financial planning and investment management solutions. Their approach differs from traditional private banks, wealth management and IFA firms. They adopt a new-model of investing; a model based not on speculation but on the science of capital markets. They eliminate the potentially hazardous stock-picking and market timing risks, as made by the traditional and expensive active manager model, and benefit from an approach based on solid theory and empirical evidence.

One of the biggest drags on investment returns are fees, therefore it is vitally important to take control and keep costs down,” says Managing Director, Manuel Cabrejas. “Our common-sense approach to investing makes the process easier, more affordable and simpler. We rely on techniques pioneered by some of the world’s most distinguished economists and academics, including Nobel Prize-winners. Using this approach, we design, build and dynamically manage client investment portfolios that match their risk tolerance, investment horizon and return objectives. Our investment philosophy empowers our clients to make better informed decisions about their future.”

With more than 15 years experience in the financial services industry, Manuel’s most recent international assignments included working as a Private Banker in Europe and the Middle East, where his clients included members of the royal family. He grew dissatisfied with the industry’s approach to client fiduciary relationships and high-fee investment management. Seeking an outlet to manage his client relationships in accordance with his investment philosophy, Manuel relocated back to the UK from Dubai to set up Mamucium Capital Management, a firm specializing in financial planning and low cost investment solutions.

“The US retail investor is streets ahead of their UK counterparts with their uptake and adoption of index-based investment strategies. They have discovered a smarter way to invest compared to the traditional active manager model, who charge high fees for the chance of beating the market even though studies show that over the long term they consistently fail to do so. The last six years has seen $650 billion flow into index funds and $350 billion flow out of Active funds. That’s a $1 trillion swing in investor sentiment towards Indexing. Manuel adds, “the momentum is definitely shifting towards low-cost index investments with the UK market predicted to double in the next ten years, as investors wake up to the high fees and poor value of the active management industry. Our remit, is to educate clients to this better alternative to investing.”

For more information about how Mamucium could support you, call 07928612252 email manuelcabrejas@mamuciumcapital.co.uk or visit www.mamuciumcapital.co.uk

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Mamucium Capital Management

Mamucium Capital Management, provides clients with innovative financial planning and investment management solutions. They provide a specialist wealth management service covering all areas including financial and retirement planning, investments, tax efficiency, pensions, property finance, wealth transfer and estate planning. The company is an Appointed Representative of Cottons Financial Planning Group who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).