Staggering Stats Reveal Potential Cost of Medical Treatment for Holidaymakers

A new infographic published today by has revealed the startling facts about the potential cost of medical treatment abroad for those without the right travel insurance. The company have released the statistics in a simple image to encourage people to invest in the right insurance option for them, and to declare all of their pre-existing medical conditions. Travellers who aren’t insured, or whose policies become void due to not declaring their medical conditions, risk having to pay thousands in medical bills if they fall ill abroad.

The travel insurance infographic shows the average cost of a claim for someone who seeks medical treatment in another country is a staggering £2,268. The largest claim reached £148,341 for an individual seeking relief from abdominal pains in Canada; the patient also needed airlifting back to the UK. The important point to note is that if this patient was uninsured they would have had to foot the bill themselves.

According to figures from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, ten Brits are hospitalised abroad every day, and 16% of British holidaymakers wrongly believe that they do not need travel insurance, thinking the government will pay their medical costs if they are hospitalised while away.

Danny Palmer, Head of Partnerships at, says, “It is important that the public get educated about the appropriate travel insurance for them. Many people with pre-existing medical conditions travel without insurance, not realising how much they could have to pay for possible treatment and repatriation if they should fall ill. Our brand new infographic aims to inform people of this risk, and encourage them to seek the right insurance policy the next time they travel outside of the UK.”

People can be caught out by their insurance provider refusing to pay out if they haven’t been entirely honest about the state of their health in the original application. specialises in providing travel insurance with cover for all types of pre-existing medical conditions, and enables travellers who could have difficulty finding appropriate cover to travel with peace of mind. There are no age limits to the policies provides, and their specialist policies are designed to prevent holidaymakers from paying thousands of pounds from their own pockets if they need medical treatment abroad.

It is important to declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions when buying a policy, says Danny Palmer. “Even medical conditions which have been controlled by medication for a long time, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, need to be declared to ensure that individuals are fully covered. In the many cases, declaring these conditions does not increase the premium. Travel insurance for a 50-year-old with high blood pressure and high cholesterol starts at just £15.25 for a week in Europe, and can potentially save thousands should the unthinkable occur.”

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