Start-Up Calls On Public To Help Fund Online Money Management Platform For Under 18s

An innovative new start-up is rallying to offer under 18s a simple, safe and 100% secure way of spending money online. Using specially engineered tools and a widespread database of approved merchants, allows minors to set up parent approved accounts in order to spend their money on age suitable products.

As the market stands, there are currently very few options available to under 18s wishing to make online purchases. Using a parent’s credit card is the most common solution, with family cards, debit cards and bank accounts usually only available at the age of 16. Parents also have very little control over what pocket money is spent on. Cash offers no protection while credit card transaction records will indicate the merchant but not necessarily specify the nature of the purchased goods. presents an exciting solution to the problem, allowing children to set up an e-money account which is funded directly by parents. The account owner can then spend money online at vetted merchants with every transaction completely traceable. accounts cannot be overdrawn which also ensures no nasty surprises for parents with overspending offspring.

Gary Pound, a founding member of U18 Connect said, “ empowers under 18s with a way of spending money on age appropriate products sold by non-threatening merchants.  Leaving no digital footprint offers parents complete peace of mind while the huge range of merchants gives young account owners a much needed sense of independence.”

With cheap and readily available credit emerging as a key contributor to debt in young people aged 18-30, money management is now considered an important part of the education system. In fact, last year saw the subject given an official position in the English national curriculum. aims to be a part of the education process, helping parents to teach their children about cash control. Features include a chores list designed to teach the relationship between work and reward, a wish list focussing on saving and contributions and an account summary giving minors an overview of how much is being saved and spent.

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Every purchase is managed by the in-house purchasing system which keeps transactions completely secure. This gives parents the peace of mind that personal and financial details are not passed on to merchants at any stage of the process. is free to join on the condition that funding is issued via debit card or direct bank payment.  Spending is also free which makes the platform a great option for any young person wanting to spend money online.  Not only is the service practical and educational, it is also fun for users, with added tools such as a chore chart to get youngsters to understand the relationship between work and reward and a wish list so that friends and family can get a clear steer on what to get for that birthday or Christmas present. has the potential to be a whole family affair, with the opportunity for family members and friends, such as brothers, sisters and grandparents to be added onto a single account, connecting the entire family.

Technology has embedded itself as an integral part of modern day life, with the majority of teens and pre-teens now owning or having access to a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other internet compatible device. is at the forefront of the technology trend and offers both children and parents a fun and efficient way of managing money.

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About U18Connect: Founded in 2014, is an innovative new platform offering under 18s a simple, safe and secure way of spending money online. Parents are offered complete control over their child’s account and are able to track how much was spent and what was purchased.  U18Connect gives children and teens a sense of independence while offering parents peace of mind that spending is completely traceable.