Stay Healthy at a Lower Cost with a High Quality Reusable Water Bottle

Health seekers struggling to keep up with the rising costs of fitness and well-being can take one step towards a cheaper, healthier lifestyle with a re-usable water bottle from Hydration Centre.

A survey earlier this year revealed that keeping healthy and losing weight was the most popular New Year’s resolution in Britain for 2016, demonstrating how much of a priority staying healthy has become for a majority of the UK. As the quest towards a better lifestyle becomes in high demand however, with nutritional food being expensive and prices of gym memberships rising, the cost of achieving such a goal makes it unattainable for many.

Alongside adequate nutrition and regular exercise, keeping properly hydrated is a crucial part of staying healthy, assisting in correct bodily functions and even aiding weight loss. It is also important for those who are taking part in increased amounts of physical exercise to keep drinking water to replace that which is lost through sweat. However, purchasing bottles of water at the gym or on to go, to encourage more water to be drunk can soon become another costly habit associated with staying healthy.

“It is sad how expensive fitness and wellbeing products can often add up to, especially that of a resource which is freely available to us!” commented Trevor Hudson, founder of Hydration Centre. “We have access to readily available, clean and free drinking water in the UK, which when utilised can help towards a healthy lifestyle. Accessibility is key to ensuring proper hydration is achieved, which is why we have created our great looking, easy to use and BPA free reusable water bottles, to help encourage users to drink more water. After the first initial investment when purchasing a bottle, you then have access to unlimited amounts of fresh, healthy drinking water to help you remain healthy, without the cost.”

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Hydration Centre believe that hydration can be easily integrated into even the busiest of lifestyles by using a high quality product to store water in - making a style statement whilst looking after your health. The result is their unique range of KOR water bottles, offering beautiful hydration products that are safe to use and totally BPA free. 



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