Storm, the Internet Phone Company, to Make Appearance in Hit ITV Cop Drama

Storm, the Internet Phone Company, has provided Leftbank Productions Ltd with 12 of their innovative Storm Phones to use during filming of the brand new series of ITV’s hit drama, DCI Banks. The VoIP business phones, which use the internet instead of traditional phone lines to make and receive calls, will be featured heavily in the CID operations room, with many of the actors using the Storm Phones as props.

Ruth Salvati, Sales & Marketing Director of Storm, the Internet Phone Company, says, “We are thrilled to be featured in one of ITV’s hit police dramas, which air to millions on a weekly basis. Our innovative internet phones offer a great deal of benefits for SMEs across the country, and indeed are incredibly useful for specialist operations such as CID departments, so we are very excited to see how our product will be used in such a context.”

The Storm phone system means that businesses can make and receive calls through their broadband connection, rather than needing a separate phone line for every call they make and receive. This is important in environments such as CID departments, as officers needn’t wait until someone has finished on the phone before they track down a lead or make an important call. The same applies for SMEs across the country; a high volume of calls can be made, speeding up working processes and saving them money in investing in business landline contracts. Mobile workers can also get great savings and functionality from the Storm VoIP internet phones; they most likely have an existing broadband connection, so integrating it into working life is a breeze.

Mobile calls cost from 4p per minute and the fully-featured phone systems can be installed for just £5 per month, per user. The phones themselves are free when signing up on a basic 12-month contract, meaning the set-up costs are as low as the operation costs. They come with a range of features including auto-attendant, call queuing, music on hold, voicemail to email and other exciting VoIP innovations that are essential for businesses.  

The phones integrate into workplaces seamlessly, as will be thoroughly demonstrated within the DCI Banks series. They have plug-and-play functionality, which means they are preconfigured with all custom requirements before they are dispatched, and businesses need only connect them up to their systems to start making low-cost internet calls. There is also a highly advanced online control panel where users can change their settings and alter their system if they need to at any point. If any issues are encountered, it is no problem; all those who sign up for Storm internet phones receive 24/7 tech support for life.

A trial period is available for those who want to see what the Storm internet phones could do for their business, and if they decide to go ahead on a 36-month contract, free professional installation is included.

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