Straight teeth delivered direct to your door

Having perfect teeth is at the top of many style-conscious people’s wish lists, with millions wanting the perfect Instagram smile. However the heightened costs, pain and hassle associated with doing so puts most off biting the bullet. Now a new British healthtech start-up is focused on helping straighten out the UK’s smiles with a new product that draws on next generation telemedicine, 3D printing and mobile technology. Straight Teeth Direct™ allows beauty buffs to get the teeth they’ve always wanted literally delivered by mail.

Historically out of the 77% of people affected by crooked teeth in the UK, 50% of adults have shown an interest in getting straighter, whiter teeth but only 2% of them have sought treatment with a dentist or orthodontist. This shows how vast the market is and the gap Straight Teeth Direct™ is here to fill.

The main reasons putting people off realigning their teeth with traditional treatments are:

·         Too painful - fixed braces cutting lips and tongue

·         Too Slow - 2 years or more

·         Inconvenient - repeated visits needed

·         Expensive - cost £2000 - £5500

The UK-based Straight Teeth Direct™ ’s mission is to make orthodontics more accessible and affordable through technology.

Technology allows the brand to offer a less expensive personal treatment to the consumer but it doesn't mean a cheaper, second-rate treatment. It prides itself on using the most superior tools and materials available on the market to produce Straight Teeth Direct™ aligners. The whole process is supervised by dental professionals.

“Many adults have crooked teeth. We all take more photos than ever on social media yet millions of adults aren’t happy with their smiles. We want to help change all this and enable more people to get a beautiful healthy, straight smile at their own convenience through a high quality, high tech experience,” says Dr Aalok Y Shukla, co-founder of Straight Teeth Direct™.

The hassle free system is designed for people who want to straighten one or two teeth – or their whole smile – but don’t have the time for regular repeated dental visits due to hectic schedules and work commitment. It is also suitable for those who could simply not afford traditional treatment.

The slogan “Your Smile Delivered™” guarantees to put a smile on the consumer’s face throughout the process.

Ordering beauty products online is second nature to beauty consumers and Straight Teeth Direct™ aims to make getting the perfect teeth just as simple.

The concept taps into our passion for apps and 24/7 connectivity to access products and services. Many of us in the UK use brands such as Net-A-Porter to order luxurious clothing and accessories, Ocado for food, Deliveroo for take aways, Perfect 10 for beauty treatments, Bloomon for flowers and Amazon for everything else.

Designed for individuals from 16 years old and above who are cosmetically conscious, Straight Teeth Direct™ is a new way to save time and money to get straight teeth at the touch of a button.

It also delivers the latest dentistry through an appealing and desirable high tech experience through the signature SmileQuiz App, SmileBox™ and StraightBox™.

To find out more about Straight Teeth Direct™, visit: and take the Smile Quiz to see if Straight Teeth Direct™ can help put a smile on your face.


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Developed by entrepreneurs Dr Aalok Y Shukla and Mrs Lucie Marchelot Shukla, Straight Teeth Direct™ brings straight teeth into the Google, Amazon and Uber eras. Using an advanced mobile app, 3D printing and computerised algorithm technology, Straight Teeth Direct™ is revolutionising dentistry, and blazing a trail for the rapidly growing ‘health tech’ movement.



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