Studio Film School Announces Red Carpet Premiere

A popular children’s film activities and workshop studio has announced plans to hold a series of 'Red Carpet Premieres' showcasing some of the fantastic films made by its students over the summer. Scheduled for September at Curzon Cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue, the exclusive Studio Film School events give talented young film makers and performers the chance to show off their hard work to a VIP audience of friends and family.

The premieres will be held across four separate screenings taking place on the mornings of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7thSeptember. The events will screen four hours worth of short films made by over 200 young filmmakers participating in the weekly Saturday Film Shoot classes and Summer Film Shoot holiday programmes.

Welcoming students aged between four and 18, Studio Film School is a great way for children to learn new technical skills, explore their creativity, grow self-confidence and make new friends. The special ‘Red Carpet Premiere’ screening is a wonderful opportunity to boost the confidence of students and reward them for their hard work and dedication.

Dan Farrell, Director of Studio Film School said, “We love putting on red carpet screening premieres and watching the faces of our students light up when they see their creations up on the big screen. They work so hard throughout the year and it’s a fantastic way to reward them for their efforts.”

Making a special appearance at the screening are pieces from the Summer Film Shoot workshop held earlier this year. The workshop was one of the most popular classes of 2014, treating students to intensive five day workshops with a range of inspirational themes. 'Make 'Em Laugh' focussed on producing side splitting comedies while the 'Welcome to Hollywood' workshop unravelled the secrets of the golden greats. Roles included screenwriting, directing, camera operating, set designing, editing, acting, resulting in a dynamic selection of final products including a Singin' in the Rain inspired musical, Alfred Hitchcock style detective thriller and The Wizard of Oz tribute.

The young filmmakers of the Saturday Film Shoots will also be screening their masterpieces which were created across 10 Saturday sessions. With a cyborg sci-fi film, stop-motion animation and doll themed creepy horror film all on the schedule, the show is sure to be a hit with parents, siblings and friends alike.

Thanks to the huge success of the summer workshops, Studio Film School has confirmed the launch of a series of new Saturday classes commencing on September 27th. Sessions are based in the London areas of Balham and Highgate and will be run for two hours on Saturday mornings. Aimed at children aged between seven and 18, the small classes are designed to help students develop practical skills, creativity and confidence as filmmakers. Each term includes a DVD as well as tickets to the annual Red Carpet Premiere.

Each Saturday class will be held by two DBS certified staff that are specially trained to oversee workshops that are fun, inspiring and informative. This gives parents the peace of mind that their children are receiving the highest standard of film-making education London has to offer. As the weather cools down, the new Studio Film School Saturday classes are the perfect way to keep kids entertained and productive as the winter months roll in.

The premieres will take place on Saturday September 6 from 10am-11am (Saturday Film Shoots - Balham) and 11am-12 (Summer Film Shoot - Balham) and Sunday September 7 from 10am-11am (Saturday Film Shoots and Summer Film Shoot - Highgate) and 11am-12 Summer Film Shoot (Balham).

To find out more about Studio Film School, the Red Carpet Premiere screening and the exciting new Saturday sessions, visit the website at:… 



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About Studio Film School: Based in Balham, Ealing, Highgate & Muswell Hill and Wilmslow, Studio Film School is a company dedicated to helping aspiring young film makers develop technical skills, explore creativity, build confidence and make new friends. The studio welcomes students aged between four and 18, with regular classes running throughout the year.