Study Shows Gamers Spend 90 Mins On Average Playing Online Games

A new study has discovered exactly how long online gamers spend using the online gaming portal The site, which allows users to download games for free as well as playing single player flash games, has released new data which shows the average time spent on games per week and per month.

In the months of January and February 2013, with figures recorded from IP addresses across the world, it was calculated that the average amount of time online users spent on each page playing free games in-browser was 3 minutes and 8 seconds, with PC downloads and play sessions soaring into the millions.

Many of the games available to play at are fast-firing and adrenaline-boosting games which take mere minutes to complete, whilst some of the most complex puzzle games can take up to ten minutes to solve; the figure of 3 minutes and 8 seconds demonstrates that players across the world like to vary the games that they choose. Over the course of a month, with many users visiting on a daily basis, this can amount to more than 90 minutes of online game play.

Some of the more popular single player flash titles include Spy Car, where players must destroy a gangster mob who have stolen the blueprint for the world’s most powerful energy source. Atlantis Quest is a simple matching game great for memory training, and Super Mario Bros transports the older generation back to their youth. All of these games and more are available to play within internet browsers without any software downloads. also has a number of titles available to download directly to a PC to be played at will without an internet connection. Free pool games such as Billiard Masters and 8 Ball Frenzy, as well as enduringly popular titles such as Jewel Quest, Cake Shop and 3D Sniper can all be downloaded to any computer free of charge, and can be played on the go without any WiFi or cabled internet.

Naturally, the downloadable content is more difficult to track and compile into statistics without internet connections or correspondence with the MyRealGames servers, but the figures show that more than 2.9 million free games were downloaded within the first quarter of 2013, and around 7.5 million PC game play sessions were enjoyed.’s Nikolai Veselov said, “An hour and a half of gaming per month is a real investment of time and shows just how enjoyable gaming is. The data we have accrued gives a real insight into player behavioural patterns, loyalty and game preferences. We believe the average per day playing time suggests that users log on quickly to distress and relax, making online gaming a popular pastime and essential part of the day for many.”

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