Stylish and Secure: Windows All Wrapped Up with Launch of Specialist New Site

A brand new website has launched this week helping home and business owners concerned about heat loss, heat retention, privacy, glare from the sun, UV rays and even the threat of glass shattering. Evowrap helps style conscious homeowners to safeguard their windows with a specialist range of practical and unobtrusive films, vinyls and wraps.

Ideal for spaces such as conservatories which can often absorb too much sun and become uncomfortable during the summer months, Evowrap’s anti UV window wraps look to become one of the hottest interiors accessories for cool summer living this year. Easily applied by hand and available in a number of finishes, the window wraps can also be installed by the Evowrap team in any UK commercial or residential building.

With a fresh new take on heat reflective technology, Evowraps self-adhesive window films are available in both clear and tinted finishes, so there is no need to sacrifice style or favourite views to stay cool when the temperature rises. Where traditional films were always tinted leading to limited visibility, new technology means clear films are just as effective at stopping excessive heat in its tracks with powerful UV filtering. Evowrap films stop as much as 78% of the sun’s heat so conservatories and other spaces such as lounges and bedrooms remain cooler and more welcoming during the summer months.

Paul Foster, Marketing Manager said, “While it may not seem that summer is on its way, homes will start to heat up in just a few short months. Our brand new range of window films, vinyls and wraps are a stylish way to prepare conservatories and bedrooms for summer by keeping out a lot of the heat that makes rooms stifling and uncomfortable. The wraps are also ideal for other rooms such as the lounge to give privacy and stop glare in offices and home studies on television and computer screens.”

During the winter months, Low-E window film can be used to prevent as much as 33% of the heat lost through glass escaping the home. This type of film is ideal for single glazed windows and can be an effective way of counteracting the effects of drafts that often leak in when double glazing has not been used.

As well as saving money on winter and summer energy bills, by acting as both a heater and coolant, the use of film also stops the sun’s rays fading belongings such as fabrics sofas.

For business owners, Evowrap window film can be used to create the illusion of frosted glass with none of the expense, giving around the clock privacy without compromising on the amount of light let into a space. One way mirrored glass versions are also available, which are ideal for offices and commercial properties, stopping passers by seeing in but not employees gazing out.

Foster adds, “Mirrored glass is an easy and cost effective security feature as it means passersby can’t see into the building when equipment such as computers or other machinery is on display.”

Evowrap also offer a range of safety and security films, which offer properties which transform existing glazing into safety glass, preventing shattering. Kite marked for safety, this means the glass will be held in place by the safety film. Security window films also offer protection against burglary, giving a clear barrier of protection and making glass shatterproof if hit by heavy objects or even stray footballs. Bomb and anti-grafitti films are also available.

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