Summer reading survey unveils surprising habits for travellers

With summer just around the corner, sun seekers up and down the country will be on the hunt for new books to keep them entertained as they board flights and relax on beaches, sun loungers and at the poolside worldwide. In the run up to the big getaway,, the UK's leading book recommendation website, has conducted a brand new Summer Reading Survey – with some surprising results coming to light.

Carried out earlier this month, the survey suggested that keen readers take both e-books and physical books away on holiday with them. Coming as a surprise to many who thought e-readers ruled the book world, it seems physical books still have their place amongst the swimsuits and SPF. Those travelling to new places however will need to keep their finger on the local pulse to make sure they don’t draw a blank, as just 30% of those surveyed have – or plan to – take a holiday based on a book location.

Peter Crawshaw, Director and Co-Founder of Lovereading said, “It’s almost a rite of passage for British holidaymakers to take a book or two away with them in order to provide a bit of light entertainment. Our summer research is great as it gives us an insight into how people are thinking, how they feel about certain topics and what kind of books are capturing people’s imagination. Highlighting just how important books are to the general public, it has also thrown up a few surprises regarding habits of Brits on holiday this year - we’ll definitely be checking our suitcases twice before going away!”

Battling with suitcases and airline weight limits is part and parcel of heading off for a week or two of sun, sea and sand. If yours bulges out at the seams, you’re not alone - 43% of readers said they would sacrifice clothes in order to take more books on holiday. But men may want to keep an eye on their other halves, as 27% of women admitted they’d be unpacking their partner’s clothes ahead of their own if suitcases were too full to fit in a few poolside literature essentials. The male population fared better, with only 17% admitting they’d stealthily remove their partner’s clothes to make room for their own reading list when faced with a weight restriction.

The survey also revealed a couple of rather startling facts; 45% of readers judged fellow holidaymakers based on what they are reading, and 30% of readers said they have used books as a means to avoid unwanted attention while on holiday.

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