Sunshine Hats Offers Brits Safe And Stylish Sun Protection

A British e-boutique has summer sun protection sorted with a range of stylish, UPF50+ headwear for ladies, gents and kids. The entire Sunshine Hats inventory is imported from Australia which offers customers the total peace of mind that they’re receiving premium quality sun defence solutions that are affordable, on-trend and designed to protect from the harsh summer rays.

Since launching in 2014 Sunshine Hats has built itself a reputation as the go-to retailer for a huge range of sun smart headwear that doesn’t compromise on style. From sophisticated wide brims and sassy visors to trendy Trilbies and cute kids designs, there is something for every sun lover. For buyers jetting off on summer holidays there are plenty of travel friendly options to choose from. Crushable, washable and water friendly designs make the hats durable, practical and 100% suitcase friendly.

Judith and Lesley, directors of Sunshine Hats say “The British summer can be glorious however it’s important that Brits don’t underestimate the need for sun protection. Harsh UV rays are extremely damaging to the skin and it’s essential to cover up, particularly in the midday heat. Our hats not only offer wearers UPF50+ protection but they also double as stylish fashion accessories to suit all ages, budgets and tastes.”

Summer is fast approaching and with the promise of warmer weather comes the need for stern sun protection solutions. As one of the most common cancers in the world, malignant melanoma skin cancer is a serious risk for Brits, despite the fact that the UK is not a notoriously sunny nation. The latest studies from Cancer Research UK have confirmed the damaging effects of UV rays, with over 8 out of 10 British melanoma cases linked to over exposure to sunlight. In 2011 the group revealed that 13,348 people were diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer, while the condition took 2148 lives in 2012. While the consequences of overexposure to sunlight can be deadly, preventing UV triggered melanomas from forming in the first place is simple. Avoid direct sunlight, wear sunscreen and cover up with protective clothing and headwear at all times.

As passionate advocates for skin protection, Sunshine Hats is dedicated to retailing hats that offer wearers unbeatable protection. And what better place to source its inventory than from the sun drenched nation of Australia? All UPF50+ rated items are accompanied by official accreditation from the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia. As Australia’s principal not-for-profit organisation dedicated to benefitting and treating those who suffer from diseases of the skin, this is an internationally recognised endorsement. For British buyers, shopping with Sunshine Hats comes with the complete reassurance that they’re purchasing products from a nation that has an in-depth understanding of ‘sun smart’ solutions.

Unlike other brands that offer ‘one size fits all’ measurement systems, Sunshine Hats appreciates that every head is unique. For this reason every hat features an innovative adjustable drawstring that can be used to achieve the perfect fit.

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Based in the UK, Sunshine Hats retails an extensive range of UPF50+ headwear imported directly from Australia. All UPF50+ products come with Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia accreditation which ensures its customers are 100% protected against harmful UV rays.