Survey of UK Employers reveals 13 killer buzz-verbs for CV success in 2017

A new survey has revealed that job hunters keen to land a new position in 2017 can drastically improve their chances of success with the addition of 13 very specific verbs. The CV writing service, StandOut CV polled more than 150 employers across a broad spectrum of industries to find out which words and phrases can elevate a CV from one of dozens of hopefuls into a stand-out submission.

The verdict from employers showed that the addition of just a few powerful verbs helped CVs raise above the clutter of recruitment inboxes and mark applicants out as ones to watch.

According to the UK’s employers, the top 13 verbs to include in a CV for job success in 2017 range from the strategic to the actionable. A whopping 92% of employers surveyed rated managed as the most important verb they would want to see on any CV crossing their desks.

StandOut CV director Andrew Fennell said, “Management skills are crucial in business, regardless of your profession or seniority. However, our survey shows that including this word on a job application should not be limited to staff management or those applying for management level positions. The definition of management is “the process of controlling things or people” – so to include the term managed in your CV shows recruiters that you have control over your responsibilities and are able to drive the results that your employer needs, whether this is on a particular project, across a single department or an entire business.” 

The StandOut CV poll confirmed what most job hunters know, but few successfully convey in their CVs – that businesses like employees who deliver. Delivered was the second most cited word that stands out to employers, making it a crucial addition for any New Year job seeker.

65% of employers surveyed said that they would like to see the term negotiated somewhere on a candidates CV, while others wanted words like improved and reduced to also appear.

Planned, improved, reduced, supported, negotiated, influenced, trained, resolved, presented, analysed and developed rounded out the top 13 terms.

Fennell added, “This survey threw up some really interesting results for job seekers and, regardless of the type of position being targeted, there’s a lot of potential to work many of these phrases into an updated CV. The verbs most sought after by employers also hint at the importance of transferable skills and the expectation that new hires will be strong all-rounders. Presentation skills for example might not seem applicable to most roles but it was one of the top 13 skills that employers said they looked out for.

“Public speaking of any kind can be a daunting task but it’s a hugely valuable skill and one which can apply to more than standing up at a big conference.

From presenting findings of research to an internal stakeholder, to presenting a new product to a crowd of potential customers; presentation is necessary across most businesses. If you’ve got any presentation experience at all, ensure that you include it in your CV if you want to make an impression.”

The top 13 verbs UK employers want to see on 2017 CVs:

  1. 1.   Managed
  2. 2.   Delivered
  3. 3.   Improved
  4. 4.   Reduced
  5. 5.   Negotiated
  6. 6.   Planned
  7. 7.   Supported
  8. 8.   Influenced
  9. 9.   Trained





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