Switching to a digital mailroom: How businesses can revolutionise the way they handle incoming mail

Businesses can remain competitive in today’s challenging corporate environment by switching their traditional mailroom procedures over to a digital process. An automated digital mailroom service from Pearl Scan can save business owners time and money whilst making the handling and distribution of their post much more efficient than when using a labour intensive traditional mail sorting methods.

Although the digital age is upon us, mail volumes continue to grow considerably – it is estimated that medium sized companies now process around 100,000 pieces of mail a month. Operators of the corporate mailrooms are struggling more and more in order to effectively keep up with the huge flow of paper which needs sorting and distributing to the right end users each day. Ensuring that mail is sorted efficiently can be crucial to company owners, as much of the corporate post received contains vital information required daily, to assist in the running of a business.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “The cost of using a digital mailroom services has decreased considerably over the years, making it a low cost solution with high value for any company wanting to increase their efficiency with this revolutionary mailroom method. At Pearl Scan we can drastically reduce the time between receipt of mail and the distribution to the business, meaning company crucial information is never received late. Through expert filtering and document management services, by using a digital mailroom the risk of lost information or data is also greatly reduced. ”

When using a digital mailroom service from Pearl Scan, your business’s post is collected each day, cutting out the need for mail to be delivered to the office at all. Documents are carefully prepared for scanning before filtering the mail into categories that are agreed by the client. From there, the mail is scanned in high quality where it is then indexed and processed through an OCR engine, making searching through the digital documentation simple. Data is returned in the preferred format to the client and required documents such as ID documents can be given back to the businesses or kept in a deep storage service, also provided by Pearl Scan. All documents handled by Pearl Scan are treated with full confidentiality and business owners can out their trust in the digital document management experts.

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