Synclist develops an API for one of the most commonly-asked questions on the web – Job and Industry Titles.

Online forms and drop down lists are not only time consuming and frustrating for users, but they can cause major issues for web developers too. Making websites slow and unresponsive, large drop down menus are almost unworkable and becoming exceedingly outdated. The Synclist API is an innovation aimed at solving the problems web developers come across when building websites with large drop down menus for job titles, may have just changed the face of the industry thanks to their new API.

A familiar sight on international websites and social media platforms, drop down menus are almost as much a part of websites as web addresses themselves. Designed to capture information about the user, many haven’t evolved as websites and technology have developed. The Synclist API is designed to plug that gap and offer developers a robust solution for tackling the issue. Allowing web developers, via the API key, to create fields on web pages that would require site users to partially type their job or industry title before the auto populate feature provides potential answers, this eliminates the need for the inadequate and impractical drop down lists.

Thabo Tembo CEO said, “I came across the problems caused by big dropdown menus when I was building another application, so thought that it must not only be me facing the issues of overly large and unsightly lists and slow webpages. APIs are great for developers as they offer a workable way to communicate with applications in order to integrate into their systems. After months of research into how it would be best applied – as well as a comprehensive list of as many common job and industry titles from around the world – The Synclist API was born.”

APIs are not a new invention. Already well-established within the industry, they are used by some of the largest organisations in the world. Google Maps uses APIs in their search field to help drive down locations as users type in additional letters. Proving to be invaluable, Google Maps would struggle to offer the service with a dropdown menu as the number of possible locations would be too large.

Made up of 39,800 job titles and 2,100 industry names, The Synclist API is the most comprehensive API for common job and industry titles on the market. Developers get up to 500 calls free per month, with subscription services available for calls above that number. The Synclist API offers customers the perfect solution to a wide ranging problem.

You can also purchase the entire Synclist database of job and industry titles from the website. Find out more at 


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