Tackle tricky subjects with kids using games, says My Real Games.com

From time to time, parents, teachers or any other authoritative figure in a child’s life will need to start a discussion about a difficult subject. While this is an unavoidable part of encouraging a child’s development, capturing the imagination or motivating children to respond and take part in conversation about these topics can be hard. Using characters and scenarios from popular games can help to open this dialogue says family friendly website, My Real Games.

A teacher at a school in southern England has recently demonstrated this fact, dressing up as characters from Japanese video games in some of his lessons to approach real world issues such as family arguments, gossiping and bullying. Parents, tutors or any other responsible adult that is faced with talking about subjects such as politics, relationships, deaths or more can help their children relax by adding an element of fun to their conversation, inspired by games.

Nikolai Veselov from MyRealGames.com said, “It is important that you do not hide your children from the events that are happening to the world and the situations that may happen to them as they are growing up. Knowing how to approach this in a way which will engage a child, as well as making them feel comfortable, is increasingly difficult.

Veselov continued, “Now, as the surge in smartphones and popularity of free to play gaming websites continues to grow, many young children can have access to and enjoy playing games. Harnessing the power of the fun that this entertainment outlet can provide when approaching difficult subjects can help to make the process much easier for everyone. For teachers, play group leaders or anyone in a ‘lesson’ based environment, using costumes like in the recent example set by the UK teacher could be a great way to make tackling hard subjects manageable. For parents at home, finding a game to play that can be used to start a conversation about these subjects is an easy way to help your child learn.”

My Real Games offers a family friendly gaming, community offering a range of titles that are suitable for all ages, including kids. Parents looking for help when approaching their child with a range of issues are invited to browse the website for an appropriate title to make starting the conversation easier.  

For more information about MyRealGames and to browse the entire range of free-to-play products on offer, visit the website: http://www.myrealgames.com/


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