Take The Edge Off: Why Rounding The Corners On Business Card Works

A business card is an important marketing tool. It needs to look good, feel good and impress. You are establishing your niche in the market with your company name, logo and company colours so getting the edge over your competitors with your business card design is vital.

Being unique, quirky, fun and even egocentric is the new marketing strategy. Doing something no one else is doing is eye-catching, let alone trend setting. The ideal business card needs therefore to be different. It needs to offer a combination of colour, modern text and great design.

This design feature doesn’t only have to be within the graphics but the actual shape of the card itself. Image is everything and first impressions do count. Without you around to do a business presentation, your business card needs to speak for itself. It needs to appeal as a graphic design item first in order to grab people’s attention and then act as wonderful introduction to your business products and/or services second, to retain their interest.

For best effect aim for something sleek and glossy. Why not even streamline your card and consider getting rid of those sharp corners that can often stab the unsuspecting finger or get stuck in the corner of a wallet or back pocket.

Still not convinced? The ulterior motive to rounded edged business cards is not just appearance but practicality. Rather than your card getting quickly dog-eared and shabby looking and more likely end up in the bin than the contact list, rounding the corners of the business card will keep it looking elegant for weeks and months to come. Giving a sophisticated feel to your business card, it will certainly be easily remembered and your brand reinforced in the memories of those you need it to be.

Creating such a business card can be quick and easy and there are plenty of online templates to choose from to which you can add your specifications. Alternatively submit your own design and business card creation online. CardsMadeEasy design team will run a professionally trained eye over your graphic design so you get the best printed product possible at no extra cost. Choosing quality over quantity, the team will even offer up tips is they think there is some room for improvement so you can create a business card that is uniquely yours.

To find out more about CardsMadeEasy and their business card options visit http://www.cardsmadeeasy.com or call 0845 166 4478. 

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