Tendring’s loyalty card scheme - Shop Locally And Save!

Love To Shop Local is the brainchild of Edward Bell: an online business directory and loyalty scheme focused on supporting local businesses and encouraging Tendring residents to shop locally. 

Tendring residents can simply search the website daily for the offers and discounts their local shops are offering them. This can be anything from restaurants and computer care to department stores. 

"We are in an age where it has become standard to walk into a supermarket and purchase everything we need, meat and groceries, clothing, electronic goods and even shoe repairers! These supermarkets contain an entire town’s High Street in one place. It is killing our high streets!”

“Local residents need to be encouraged to shop locally. This is why I have launched the loyalty card scheme" 

"It is important to me to support what is ours. It's very easy to take these things for granted but we will all soon regret our actions once we have lost these amenities" 

"I have been in business for several years. I know advertising locally and nationally is expensive but it doesn't need to be, Love To Shop Local offers businesses a cost effective alternative to advertising" 

Residents will be receiving their loyalty cards through the post soon or they can be ordered free of charge at www.lovetoshoplocal.co.uk. They will also be available at Pick Up Points across Tendring. See our website for more details.

Contact: Edward Bell

Email: edward.bell@lovetoshoplocal.co.uk

Phone: 07757113397

About Edward Bell

Edward’s vision is to increase the footfall of customers to all businesses within the Tendring peninsula. He has pledged to make it his obligation to support the local businesses of Tendring and to raise the profile and hopefully the profits of all businesses within Tendring. He is 22 years old and a local resident who from a young age has embraced the power of business and who thrives on seeing small businesses succeed. He owns and runs three companies as well as advising businesses on cost effective marketing strategies.