Textile Technology Helps Mums Trim Down and Tackle Summer Cellulite

Technology and textiles are this summer’s hottest buzz words, with an innovative shapewear brand merging the two to create an exclusive line of garments designed to trim, slim and banish cellulite. Fashioned to complement all shapes and sizes, the intelligent body shapers from Fit Britches are must have wardrobe ammunition for any lady wanting to step out with confidence this summer.

From a humble bathroom start-up to an award winning anti cellulite shapewear range, Fit Britches has taken the world by storm. Unlike generic shapewear, the miracle working garments trim inches of the waist, hips and thighs. In just 30 days the shape wear is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase skin elasticity and boost collagen production for smoother skin.

With clingy materials and rising hemlines on the horizon, summer is all about stepping out and showing off some skin. Yet not all ladies will be feeling up to it after a long winter of chocolate and couch dates. Cue Fit Britches. Not only do they trim the waist, hips and thighs for a streamlined silhouette but they also work to reduce the appearance of cellulite by 11%. Perfect for getting bikini ready in just weeks! When temperatures soar Fit Britches keeps ladies cool with its slimming garments that provide wearers with 51% better thermoregulation. Choose from knickers, shorts, leggings or a top for all an all over cellulite solution, from head to toe.

As well as being on the cutting edge of shape wear, Khan is also a fierce advocate for supporting female entrepreneurs trying to make their way in the British economy. In the lead up to the General Election she is calling on the nation to shine the spotlight on aspiring businesswomen and force politicians to do more for career driven women with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Khan said, “Given the current economic climate I think it’s critical that the public voice their support for women. Women make up 52% of the British electorate so potentially we have a bigger say in who forms the next government. I’ve been a victim of unjust political systems for the majority of my life and now that I enjoy a more powerful position, I want to use my brand to raise awareness. I know what it's like to almost lose your home and to have to choose between food and bills. It breaks my heart to know that these sorts of situations still occur on a daily basis. As well as helping ladies look their absolute best I also hope that I can leverage my brand to help boost Britain’s female entrepreneur scene.”

While Fit Britches shape wear is now adored by a flock of A-list celebrities, it started as a personal project of founder and CEO, Farnaz Khan. After four children Khan found her dress size expanding and her self-esteem plummeting.  When regular diet and exercise failed to deliver results, Khan pioneered a unique solution that merged the worlds of technology and textiles. The result was the launch of Fit Britches, a smart seamless garment made from a combination of high tech advance knitting and intelligent fibers. Smooth and sleek, the garment acts as a second skin that enhances physique while actively working to combat cellulite.

Since launching the brand has won a loyal legion of celebrity fans, including TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, Jessie J and Khloe Kardashian. Fit Britches has also received serious industry recognition, with a nomination for Best Shapewear brand of the year award in the UK Lingerie Awards and a mention on the UK Hottest Startups 100 list.

Fit Britches ships to over 50 countries across the globe. To find out more about the brand and browse the online e-boutique, go to: http://www.fitbritches.com/


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Fit Britches is an award-winning shapewear and intelligent body shaper brand on a mission to ‘reshape the world.’ Using an advanced combination of high tech knitting and intelligent fibers, the garments are clinically proven to trim inches of the waist, hips and thighs and actively reduce the appearance of cellulite. Other benefits include improved circulation, temperature regulation and reduced muscle fatigue. The garments are designed for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and come in a range of discreet styles that don’t compromise on comfort.