The Advantages of Folded Business Cards

Creating a perfect business card is a challenge for any business or individual; treading the fine line between professional and unique, and trying to make a card stand out without appearing garish or tasteless is a tough ask. One way in which businesses can achieve a stand-out business card which still retains a professional and stylish appeal is to use a folded business card design. The same size as a regular business card when folded, but containing a wealth of extra space and information, folded business cards can be the answer for those who want to create an exciting and unique method of introducing themselves to potential clients and partners.

The first advantage to using a folded business card is their scope for creativity. In such a competitive market, having bland business cards can see them discarded into the waste paper bin within seconds of being handed over. A folded variation offers a great deal more scope to be creative than a traditional card format. They can be folded both horizontally and vertically to suit the needs of the user, and the inside window can be used to provide a variety of creative benefits. A pop-up section or a free gift can help to make these business cards to stand out from the crowd. The tented configuration of the cards also means they can be propped up on desks or on displays for maximum exposure.

Folded business cards also offer twice as much space as the conventional card. With four sides to fill instead of two, these cards are useful for individuals who find themselves with much more to relay than a standard businessman. Those founding innovative start-ups might feel the need to explain the ethos of their business on the inside of the card, whilst those with extensive and successful careers may list their achievements and accolades. A map to the headquarters of the company can be included, or a stamp collection form to encourage regular visits. This can all be done without compromising the wallet-friendly size of the normal business card.

Folded business cards are also affordable. They combine the convenient size of the compact business card with the space usually associated with a brochure or leaflet. When they are created in an original and exciting way, the return on investment where these cards are concerned can be much larger than brochures or flyers, and can help to demonstrate an ability to achieve great results on small budgets to potential clients.

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