The Business Printers’ ‘Printspection’ Could Help Businesses Save £5,000 per Year

Could you save up to £5,000 per year on your business’ print materials? London printing service, The Business Printers, is offering to help find out, with their unique ‘printspection’ offering, which analyses every element of a business’ printing output in order to establish where savings can be made.

The business printing experts are offering these printing audits as part of their coveted corporate printing service. It’s thought that as many as 69% of businesses don’t actually know how much their printing costs them – but by analysing everything from paper width to printing frequency, The Business Printers can offer tips and advice on how to boost ROI on marketing materials, as well as saving money in the short-term. One client undertaking the ‘printspection’ managed to save £5,000 per year simply by reducing their paper size by 25mm!

The margins may sound small, but as proven in this case, they can be the difference between money lost and money saved. The Business Printers are offering this unique service to their corporate clients, to help them discover whether they could be making significant savings on their print materials.

Amrit Dhangal, of The Business Printers, says, “Our ‘printspection’ offering is proving to be crucial to many businesses all over the country looking to improve the ROI of their printed marketing and promotional materials. Whether we’re giving advice on the thickness of their business cards or encouraging them to switch to a different kind of paper for their flyers, we can offer our professional recommendation and suggest ways in which to implement our suggestions.”

He adds, “Many of our customers have saved thousands after we’d audited their print materials – we’d like to encourage more cash-strapped businesses to try out ‘printspection’ service and see how we can help boost their ROI and make some serious savings.”

Though the surging, ever-expanding digital world has taken priority for many businesses, there will always be a place for printed promotional materials in various industries. Powerfully designed, high-quality print campaigns are excellent at boosting brand emphasis, as well as appealing to consumer emotions in a way that graphics on a screen can’t quite manage.

As print remains such a necessity for many organisations, The Business Printers are committed to ensuring their clients are achieving great ROI for their marketing materials, as well as helping them to save money wherever possible.

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