The Business Printers Recommend Exciting Fusion of Digital and Print Materials for Optimum Marketing Results

London printing aficionados, The Business Printers, have explained exactly why printed marketing materials are still so crucial, even in an age of digital dominance – and they want to affirm that businesses still benefit hugely from having a comprehensive range of branded print materials.

Despite the online revolution that has taken place in the last decade, print materials like flyers and business cards are not dead in the water. A survey in the US recently found that 92% of younger shoppers still prefer to receive direct mail marketing when they’re making a purchase decision, while 56% of consumers reported that print is the most trustworthy medium. A Pitney Bowes survey in 2014 also discovered that 76% of small businesses said their ideal marketing strategy encompassed a combination of print and digital communication.

Amrit Dhangal, of The Business Printers, says, “Digital may be great for reaching out to new audiences, but when it comes to cultivating loyalty and trust among existing clients or customers, there’s nothing like print. The tangible feel of a flyer or brochure in your hand can tell you just as much about a brand as a website, with the added benefit of being more personal than any promotion online.”

He adds, “While digital is of course crucial to the success of almost all business nowadays, there’s still more than enough room for print in the world of marketing – indeed, it’s often the fusion of both print and digital methods that makes for the most successful campaigns.”

Materials like printed business cards and leaflets also engage more of the senses than digital media on a screen, which makes them memorable – perfect for a business that’s trying to establish a sense of brand.

One of the other benefits of print marketing is that is strips back all the bells and whistles and forces businesses to really scrutinise their brand. Without the fancy animations and clickable distractions, businesses have to look at how their designs hold up. Printed promotional materials like this can be seen as a litmus test for a brand – if it doesn’t work on paper, it shouldn’t be working on screen.

No business should be faced with a choice between print and digital – both are equally important, and can be equally effective when used in tandem with each other. A report by the Direct Marketing Association found that more consumers visit a website as a result of a printed mail item than from a search engine – this is a great example of print and digital working together to achieve impressive results.

All brands want to create a sense of innovation and forward-thinking, and that can be achieved online – but the foundation of trust and loyalty that grounds a business is firmly rooted in print materials.

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