The Dos and Don’ts of Business Card Distribution

Handing out business cards has become such an integral part of business and commerce across the globe that it is little wonder the process has developed an unspoken set of rules that should be adhered to. Though not set in stone, and certainly open to interpretation, following the guidelines for good business card etiquette, both in the creation and the distribution, can mean a higher level of success and call-backs as a result. Here are some of the biggest ‘dos and don’ts’ in the world of business cards.


  • Keep business cards in good condition. Handing over a frayed, torn or pen-marked business card is not only a sign of disrespect for a potential customer, it also demonstrates a devil-may-care attitude to business that might drive a future client away.
  • Be prepared. When attending networking events, or even if just heading to a small meeting, take a healthy number of business cards to distribute. It’s impossible to tell what once-in-a-lifetime meeting might occur, whether it’s at a coffee shop during a lunch hour or on a busy commute home after work.
  • Give and receive. When handing out a business card, ask for some contact details in return. If the recipient were to lose a business card, or simply forget to get in touch, a stack of business cards compiled from an event can form a handy list of follow-ups that can be made just to stimulate some interest.


  • Overload. When attending an event where business cards are being freely exchanged, don’t be tempted to feverishly work the room, handing out contact details to every person you come across. Distributing business cards in a flippant manner can be the networking equivalent of receiving unwanted junk mail through a letterbox; everyone has received it, but no one has paid attention. Take time to get to know each potential clients needs or demands, and exchange business cards if it seems like they will benefit from a service or product you can offer.
  • Home-print. Printed business cards that have been created using Microsoft Word and an amateur printer are the literal calling card of the amateur rather than the professional. Source an online business card printing company who will be able to offer a variety of high-quality card materials and high-resolution printing options.
  • Forget to update. Handing out business cards with an old phone number or a crossed-out email address is one of the fastest ways to lose custom. It demonstrates a lack of care and organisation and can look highly unprofessional.

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